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Followed by a Cryptid

Followed by a Cryptid
Hi I'm Seath,

This is my story that has started from 1992 and still continues to this day.
My story starts in 92 our family had just been relocated to the Mohave Desert from my dad being transferred by his job to work across the Colorado river in Laughlin NV . We rented a house on the AZ side of the river due to it being cheaper then the NV side. From what I do remember we rented from a Native american who went by his CB radio name Dakota I do not remember his real name. CB radio was the 90s Voice chat for people living out in the middle of nowhere. Anyways when we were moving in we could see the river at the end of the road of the street we lived on, he warned us the river is very dangerous at night and if you hear anything unusual just go inside and lock the door. My mother asked like what party drunk people? He shook his head no, He told us don't take it the wrong way but alot of people die at the river at night thinking they see people downing or screaming for help and nothing is there and the fast pace of the river takes them away and do not have a chance to escape its rapids. If you hear someone calling for help just call the police do not investigate , it may not be what it seems.
He just turned and looked at the river then at the ground and let out a sigh, then he said there are thing that walk this earth that cannot be explained and sometimes its best to leave them be. I just stood there being only 9 not knowing what he was talking about and my dad just said ok. We lived in the house for about a year nothing out of the ordinary had happened work, school, church dinner repeat until one Sunday night after church. My dad and I were sitting in the garage with the door open just watching the river and the stars we basically had no light pollution and there was supposed to be a meteor shower, it was about 9:30pm my dad told me to get inside and get ready for bed for school tomorrow. As was about to stand up we heard what sounded like crying coming from the direction of the river and asking for help but it didnt sound right at all. It was like trying to talk with out your tongue and like you had water in your throat, we looked back and forth trying to pinpoint where it was coming from. Then you could see a woman walking out of the river trees / brush. As she walked it sent chills down your spine it was staggered but like it was walking on 2 feet for the first time.
We just watched it walk across the field to the road that connected to our house, my dad stood up and took a step forward and the woman stopped instantly. She tilted her head and slowly looked at us, she was pale covered in mud, brush and water. Her head kept tilting unnatural it looked like it should have snapped but it didn't, we both froze her eyes were a reflective silver as her head bobbed from the tilting it reflected like animal eyes would. After what felt like an hour even though it was only a few seconds it fell face forward with force you heard the body hit the ground "SMACK" and dust flew up. At this point I stood up trying to see where it was, then it just screamed not just from the throat but from the depth of its chest high and low pitches roared and echoed across the desert. My dad pushed me back into the garage getting ready to close it then it popped back up and it was on all fours still with its head tilted and start running at us at full speed. My dad shoved me in and slammed the door shut and locked the inside bolts to prevent it from opening, soon as that latch lock "BAM" it hit the garage.
Screaming and scratching continuously at the door yelling "HELP" and "LET ME IN" then it stopped our hearts pounding then you could hear it sniffing the crack of where the door meets the driveway and see its shadow moving back and forth saying "I HAVE YOUR SCENT" then the shadow was moving to where the front door is, at this point my Mom open the garage door that connect to the inside of the house looking at us like WTF are you making all this noise. She saw us on the floor scared to death and instantly my dad bolted up and ran past her to the front door to check it, the front of our house was on the corner of the street covered my large windows easily could be broken. The door was already locked and he looked out the windows nothing was there it was bright from the street lights and no sign of the monster.
We told my mother what happened she really didn't question it, she heard the screams and banging. The next morning Dakota came out we told him happened, walked the property not saying anything stopped at the garage door looked at the dents and scratch marks then he turned and looked at field and river. He looked over the field and river walking back n forth from our property but not taking one step further toward the river or the field, he panned looking up and down the dirt then stopped he pointed at the dirt said "There". We all looked down and it was track marks coming from the field to our street there were only tracks on the dirt and nothing on the street it must have cleared the street when it rammed our garage door. We went to go look at the tracks Dakota put his hand up and shook his head "don't touch it" he said it would be wise for us to move because it would be back and he needs to cleanse the house and recommended we do so ourselves. He knew a friend in the next city further away and would talk to him to see what he had available to be quick as possible. My parents didn't question it while Dakota took care of that my dad took a new job in the city further away as a police photographer.
I would like to say things were better after the move but they were not, this house was haunted to put it in simple terms. We lived in the house for 2 years, not a lot happened at once small things at first the tv would turn on by its self, after we would leave the curtains would all be pulled shut making the house extremely dark. The house had a fence around the entire property including the house so no one could just walk up to the house my mother had to locks on all the gate, we would constantly see dark shadows walking by the window or crunching from leaves. The shower would constantly turn on the plug would be put it trying to flood the bathroom, towel racks would be pulled out from the wall, and foot steps walking up and down the hall like on hardwood floor even though everything was carpet except the kitchen. But the worst of all was this wooden shed outside it was small just big enough for tools and the ground dirt was so hard it was like concrete no shelves windows nothing bare. This shed constantly sounded like someone coming in and out slamming the door neighbors would call the police and complain, and the officers would joke at my dad and say what is your house haunted or something so we drilled latch and bolted and locked it shut.

We just got use to it and were just waiting for our lease to be up and then we were going to move back to Vegas at the end of the year. So its Christmas eve the last year of our lease, we were getting ready for midnight mass we were at the front door getting our coats when all the lights started going in and out like in a thunderstorm messing with the power but it was a clear night just freezing about 15F. My parents kept our jeep outside the fence under the street light it was just easier then opening the garage door and the gates every time to leave, something caught my mothers attention to the jeep even with the lights flickering. There was something crouched behind the jeep with its hands on the hood looking around the corner of the vehicle, she told me as soon as its eyes reflected silver she knew what it was from what we told She said under her breath "What the hell is that?" as I looked out and saw it we made eye contact it stood up from behind the jeep like it was waiting for me to see it.
As it stood even though it was under the street light it was like it was absorbing the light making more shadows, but you could tell it was the body of a woman/ish the body was a woman with matted fur across its chest pale arms legs inverted legs and hooved feet and a decaying deear skull on her face no antlers just matted hair and pulled flesh. At this moment we were looking at the monster again all the doors in the house slammed shut and a deep demonic gritted voiced yelled get out as this moment before we could react to the house the monster was walking to the front door as everything around was getting darker with each step. My mom grabbed my sister and yelled at my dad to follow, we went back into my sisters room where it had a phone and no windows, we called the police and just said someone was trying to break in because who would believe hey a monster is trying to break in and the house is yelling at us.
Since my dad already worked with the police a few of the officers had spare keys to feed the animals when we left town to visit relatives and such. This next part is from there perspective 4 officers showed up they unlocked the gates and doors, 2 in the house and 2 walking the perimeter. inside all the light were out and occasional flicker making a pop sound blow out the bulb, they said it felt like they were constantly being watched and heard foot steps leading to the garage but found nothing. The two officers were outside and it said it was eerily quite the frozen ground crunching with each step when one of the officers pointed at one of our trees a dark shadow was in the tree and they when they shinned there flash light at it all they saw was reflective eyes. Before they could say anything it jumped out of the tree and bolted for the shed ripping the door open and slamming it shut. from the inside you could hear "What the hell" *Boom heavy running then SLAM* The officer called for the 2 inside you could hear the police yelling at the shed we have you surrounded come out, each time they called out for them to come out the wall banged louder each time you could hear the wood cracking and echoing in the cold air.
When the officers yelled we are coming in we are armed, come out with your hands up, then one last "BANG" then silence they opened the door nothing was there just the smell of rot like something died in there. it was empty no lights nowhere to go it is just a small shed and frozen earth. Clearly they were spooked but it unexplained I remember one of the officers saying this is some X-files shit right here, It was just filed as wild life disturbance not a break in. For the rest of the lease we just stayed at a hotel and when the time came we just took what we needed and left the rest.

This is the house and it is for sale again, for some reason before I decided to write this I looked it up and its been for sell a long time. what still scary its bright as hell and the rooms are still very dark and the towel racks are still ripped out

After we moved back to Vegas my mother was obsessed with the paranormal she wrote letters called priests to anyone who would giver her the time of day to trying to find a way to protect us, we got more crosses, holy water, rosary's on all door handles dream catchers in every bedroom and she got some blessed salt , and salt rocks put on all entrances and windows, she also put curtains on all the mirrors reading info it could be used as portal. A bit over kill you might say but the truth of the matter after seeing that twice i was game and it became normal, and nothing happened for years until 2003 7 years later.
In this time my mothers health was greatly fading and could not take the heat with constant migraines that followed, so we moved to Douglas county much cooler and close to the mountains. At this point Im working my sister stayed in Vegas starting her life, I could have done the same but with what my mother was going through I didn't want to leave her to deal with this. As time went on she began walking around the house at all hours of the night arguing with shadows in the corner and yelling leave me alone. I couldn't see it but with her health dropping the paranormal activity started up again as it is was her spirit and will was keeping us safe and now with her health failing the locks were broken and they walked in the door. I never saw to much because I worked graveyard and slept in the daytime and nothing very strange happened in the morning would see shadows or something in the corner of your eye but that's about it. After some time my mother passed from a Arianism this was her 2nd one she survived the first one, after the funeral and all the family left the activity exploded.

one morning I was sleeping after I have gotten off work my dad and I worked apposing schedules and rarely saw one another, I was sleeping and I heard my closet door I tried to open get up I couldn't move I was locked down I couldn't even open my eyes. I could hear foot step walking up to my bed but they were long steps not short like moving left to right as if it was creeping up. I felt to pressures put at the foot of my bed first right at my feet then I could feel it creep up on my bed walking over me. The air turned humid it was thick it smelled like a drain that has not been cleaned and the bacteria has built up in the drain I work in food my whole life and we have drain socks to catch all the debrie from going down and when those don't get changed out they smell awful and that's what it smelled like or what my brain connected to. As is crawled up to my face I still could not move i was stuck and I;am thinking this is it I'am going to be eaten Im screwed, with each pull forward I could feel what im guessing is its hair on my face and warm/cold moist feeling up to my face then it spoke. The same voice I have heard before years ago back in that garage gurgles no tongue " I Found You" my heart sank I was scared before now and deathly scared if I could piss myself I probably would have.
I pulled deep with in myself and ripped myself up flying out of bed my arms and legs going in every direction hitting my computer chair that was next to my bed and kicking my desk. Nothing was in front of my or my bed I looked around the rooms and my closet door was still open but just a crack directed at my bed as if it has been watching me fling around. I left the apartment when to the hardware store got some chain and locked my closed shut and a board and nailed it across the door I didn't care about my deposit or wanting to experience that again. after that nothing happened again not even shadows like poof it was gone all of it but constantly felt like something was watching me from somewhere and I couldn't explain it, the only place I felt safe was work and I worked at a casino lights and hundreds of people I worked as much over time took other people shifts or sat in the bars after work I didn't want to go home. Eventually our lease was up and we moved into a new apt closer to our jobs and across town and a 2nd story facing the street with lots of light.

Once again nothing happened the apt was nicely lit the sun came in the windows every morning and the streetlight kept it lit after dark it made me happy and safe. Then its about another year and half goes by this is the last few months I will be living with my dad we never see each other and just dont talk that much after my mother passes I felt it was time to move on because nothing happens to him just me. So he went out of town for a month vacation and I was going to pack that month and move out when he got back. I took a vacation as well because you will laugh at this time World of Warcraft Burning crusade was launching and my friends wanted me to start a Blood elf and play a paladin for the guild since I already had experience playing it on alliance. I did we pulled all dayer because i worked grave yard daytime was my night time. I was tired it was about 11pm I havent at night in years now so I didnt even think about anything or my haunting past I hit the pillow i was out.
I woke up hearing someone in my kitchen I look at the clock its 1am I put my head down thinking my dad was just making a late snack that he did alot, Then I snap up he is out of town I press my ear up to my door I hear foot steps outside my door away to where the kitchen is. I could hear clicking "tick tick tick tick tick" Im like what the hell is that? Then it dawns on me, it is the gas stove and the fire has not been lit. I hear a door open close to me and close. Im confused the only door near my left side where the sound came from was the Linen closet. I bolt out into the kitchen all the gas is on no flame i turn it all off turn on the stove fan open the front door to get air flowing again the I heard a rustle in the linen closet and almost a giggle like someone laughing. I turned and looked at it, at this point i wasent afraid I didnt care what was in there I put my hand on the door handle and ripped the door open nothing just cramped racks of towels no one could hide there not even a child or a cat.
I let it air out then I left went to walmart and bought new door handles and locked all the doors shut if they were not in use and moved my computer desk in front of my closet door so it could not be opened. I never used it i mostly worked and just my winter coat and thing for the move. now its about 4 am Im still tired but feel safe enough to sleep I tapped the gas knobs, I lay down and with little effort I fall back asleep. The again I wake up to a "BOOM" and shaking I bolt up and everything is pitch black expect a emergency light blinking on and off from the outside I look around everything is dark, then I stop I could hear breathing behind me I already knew what it was the sound was the same. My bed is right along the wall on the window so I could open and get air when needed so I wouldn't have to blast the air conditioner. I turn my eyes first I could see a shadow in my window, unlike my first encounter I was not frozen I was incontroll I slowly turned my head and it was there the Deer Woman she was standing in the window seal two hooved feet on the wood one arm holding on the frame. The window was still open from the gas and I wanted to make sure the apt was vented. At that moment we locked eyes she tilted her head again as she did before it felt like a eternity this time i could clearly see everything.
But this time she changed again the first time walking corpse, 2nd time decaying deer monster, 3rd time humid and moist. Now the forth time still a Deer skull but it was clean white endless darkness in the eye sockets no skull or eyes inside just darkness a void of all life and light, her hair was no longer matter just long and black/brown fur covers her chest like a fur shawl from the 50s and it was black as the eye sockets and the same fur hooved legs. What felt like a life time she reached at my face Im assuming to grab me, I flung out of bed slammed against the wall trying to turn the light on and nothing everything is our except the flashing yellow emergency lights from the apartments outside. I looked back at the bed she was still there and started walking forward the bed creaked and cracked from the weight the sound of wood to this day still scares the hell out of me. I tried to open the door but i forgot i locked it and my brain couldn't comprehend that i locked it earlier and just had to unlock it was pure flight mode. I just grabbed my computer chair next to me closed my eyes and flung it at the window and crash class broke I open my eyes chair on the bed broken glass and it was gone. I walk up to the window and nothing is there not even foot prints or dented wood a flashlight hits my eyes blinding me i raise my hand to block the beam it was security asking if I was alight we had a earth quake and a gas pipe blew whole towns out. He said did the quake break your window I just said yeah said not a issue they would come back later and get it fix just put up card board and tape it up might be awhile I just noded.
The window was fixed my dad came home I didnt bring it up and shortly I moved out to start my life, and for years I moved around but did not see the Deer Woman again for a very long time. I know the story is long so we will do a speed round, got in contact with a shaman back in the Mohave desert where it all started they I was not alot to give details but got a spirit cleanse ceremony and smudging. He told me this would only keep the smaller spirits away but what has attached itself to you will be much harder I cannot help you will need to strengthen your will and spirit like your mother and that power will protect you. In way I knew he was right when my mother reached out and did all those things years ago was over kill but nothing happened. after years of working transfers moving across the nations from Pennsylvanian to Hawaii I land back in Douglas county go figure right. Im married with children we just moved into town to be closer to my wifes parents, staying with them untill apt was ready to move into.
So at this point like my mother I have rosary's on door hands blessed salt in the windows, and we have our birth stones blessed and put into the corners of entrances and house corners. I dont cover mirrors but I still lock all closet doors to this day. its now 2016 and while we are sleeping with the window open her parents dont have AC i hear rustling outside the window I didnt think much of it because it was covered in black berry bushes and rose bushes whom ever is going to try and break in is going to have a bad day. I look out side the window and the deer woman is looking in at me, I quickly shook my wife she was pissed to say none the lest i pointed at the window and motioned "shhh" she looked and quickly got wide eye I grabbed her with my left hand preventing her from moving. The Deer Woman looked at me then at the seal of the window as if it was looking at the salt the looked back and forth of the birth stones it looked at my wife then bolted from the window could hear cloping sounds like a horse on the pavement fading away. after it was gone the street lights seemed bright again and the sounds of the crickets came back, my wife was shaking me like WTF was that, I told her thats my cryptid stalker i told you about.

She always listened to me and always thought I was going over board but never questioned it she knew I wasent lying. This was her first paranormal encounter and now the window has been opened for her she see shadow people, things moving now she dosent like it want the window closed again but now knows the world just got more scary and is more helpful blessing and protecting the house now. It has visited my wife when I was working late one night she went to let the dogs outside the backyard she opened the door and the dogs quickly nope'd and walked behind her refusing to go out. She was confused and then it dawned on her there was no noise, no bugs, wind, the sounds of cars going to the freeway like she was in a bubble the noises dogs next door were quiet and they never where. She started to look over the backyard she saw nothing then that's when she spotted it, there was a shadow in our neighbors yard under his apple tree. It was the same skull she saw in our window just watching her from the next yard over then it just took a step back and told me it just fell into the shadows like it was water and disappeared and then all the sounds came back. Its now 2020 we live by the mountain side there is no development behind us just empty land, I dont sleep at night to this day still work graveyard. I when I take the dogs out between 1am and 4am he mountains are watching you can hear giggling, screaming, laughing from the hills there is nothing out there Ive taken my dogs up there many times there no way a car can get up there or let alone drunk teens no cans no campires tracks foots prints nothing. My dogs hate going up there so i dont do it, every once and awhile I can feel her watching catch a shadow watching me from the hill standing in rocks a shadow darken then the darkness. I know she is not done with me, but I come to realize that I will be followed for life.
Its like a standoff right now, I know shes there she knows I know shes real and I don't know whats next. I don't know what the game is, if death was the answer wouldn't she have just got me those 2 times I was sleeping. I feel like will never have the answers and I will have to pass the strength onto my children so they will be safe in life.

I have shared this before but in this version is much long and more detailed then I have ever wrote before.
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Fear and Loathing in Beaumont, Texas - TDY Edition

This one is a doozy...
So, a fateful day around 2010ish I was in that dingleberry of a swampy butthole of land known as Fort Polk doing my train up for a deployment. That's a fucking story in itself.
Anyhow, the end of the rotation had occurred, the war against whatever made up name country was won, and we were returning from Polky-land to our dependapotamuses. I was on a contact high as I was personally selected to be a part of my Battalion Commander's personal security detachment and all our joes were hand-selected by the Platoon Leader, Platoon Sergeant, and myself so we had a really awesome platoon. How awesome? When we did an escort mission with the Chaplain meeting with local religious leader, at the end, our division chaplain told us that "You guys fucking rocked that shit. Gave me a fucking hardon. That's what this division is all about. Fuck yeah."
Preach on brother.
Fast forward, fast forward.
Anyhow, my Platoon Sergeant came to me and told me I needed to go to the bay where my Commander and First Sergeant were. My first thought was of deep consideration and reflection.
"Shit." This can't be good.
When I arrive, my First Sergeant's first question to me "Do you have government travel card?" I nodded a confirmation from our Operation BS in Egypt. He looks at me and says "No, you don't." What fucking Jedi mindtrick is this? Did I forget to pay off a debt? Will I be summoned straight to the Division CSM for a beheading as seems to be the operating procedure whenever government travel cards payments come into question. Casually, my commander slides a brigade memorandum towards me and motions for me to read it.
I start reading and realize it's a tasking memorandum stating what each company will provide from brigade.
Alpha Company...
Two NCOs and three soldiers. "Suckers."
Bravo Company...
Three soldiers. "Nerds."
Charlie Company...
Three E6 NCOs. "Lol, loooossers..."
Delta Company...
Staff Sergeant Pickleindabutt. "well fuck me in the butt."
BY NAME?! I was the only fucking individual chosen by MY GOD DAMN FULL NAME in this memorandum. How does brigade even know I exist? Why am I being tasked directly? Who put this memo together and how the fuck did they know my name. Who the fuck volun-told my name without me receiving a whisper of such curse. Suddenly it dawned on me and I realized what this tasking needed me for.
Apparently I was the only person in brigade who could effectively fill out the forms for our HAZMAT containers. It started where I was just doing it for the company, moved to me declaring for battalion, and now BRIGADE is tracking me. AMO-62 qualification got me again and I was hand selected because my paperwork was the only one that kept getting cleared so they came after me.
My dudes and dudettes, I literally volunteered for this course to get me out of a field exercise so I could watch the SEC championship - no shit. I was a dumb grunt and I didn't even know what the course was and just wanted to get my Roll Tide on. I get there for class and they're like "This is for declaring hazardous material for shipment by land, sea, air, teleportation pods, Skynet time travel, and rail." My dumb ass E5 self was like "Lol, when the hell does any infantry dude declare HAZMAT. Cake."
A week later I was declaring HAZMAT for my brigade to Haiti so shows how well I could foreshadow things. You know how my paperwork always made it through? Let's break down the process.
Me arrive. Me find MSDSs for hazmat. Me find civilian inspector who is overshadowing the process.
"Yo, how do you want me to fill this out." Everyone else would be digging around the CFR 49 and I was just like "Lol, I can't read. Let me find the civilian who makes a career of this and ask them." And that's how I became the HAZMAT guy.
Fast forward, fast forward.
So now I'm part of a tasking that is ensuring our containers make it out of Beaumont, Texas. I already came to Polk on advance parties where I basically had AT&T screaming at me to stop using data while I watched all the episodes of Breaking Bad that was available at the time. Now I'm not even the rear detachment, I'm the past - I'm on fucking ice basically, a forgotten artifact of my brigade's Polk rotation. "Yall remember that one Staff Sergeant?... He told funny jokes... Whatever happened to him? I seem to recall him telling his soldiers to run over g-men at Polk whenever they surrounded his humvee while blatantly ignoring that a 50 cal was rocking them the whole time and then he just... vanished."
Fast forward, fast forward.
Me and two others will be grabbing a rental and driving to Beaumont. God damnit, I deploy in a few weeks and I'm already getting less time with my succubus future exwife that has a spending habit that makes Target wet thinking about it. Anyway, they move me to the brigade's bay. If you've never been to Polk, they have these hangers where they just stick a metric-fuck-ton of bunk beds when you're field rotation is over and you're either leaving or preparing for war with the g-men. The g-men are the Louisiana equivalent of Taliban and should never be trusted. They call themselves soldiers but they are the true enemy. While you're sludging through the swamps and wondering if you're in Vietnam, they come out of no where with their significantly enhanced miles laser gear and somehow your miles can never kill them. You just hear the beep of death of your gear to inform you that traitorous scum g-men nailed you. Probably for killing a Staff Sergeant they get a three day weekend or something.
So, here I am in the brigade headquarters and we just acquired a rental car with a fellow NCO and fresh out of the officer-oven Lieutenant. Lieutenant asks a fateful question "You guys want to go off base." Unfortunately I came to fight the g-men and did not know I was going to be traveling so I had no civilian clothes. So, we agree to go to Wal-Mart in town so I can buy the cheapest of the cheap threads since my wife at the time absolutely had to buy "live, laugh, love" useless items from retail stores at an alarming rate.
Listen to me, Polk is the middle of no where. It is a fucking swamp. I hated going there. I literally would shake the hands of people stationed there and tell them "You're in my thoughts and prayers." The place has a random wild horse herd and farm animals all over the place because people just dump their animals there. I had never left the base before and when we drove off I was basically like "Oh my..." It was like driving into a Flannery O'Connor novel but with strip clubs. There is absolutely nothing in Leesville but several strip clubs, a Wal-Mart, some shitty steakhouse, and trailers. Listen, I'm from Alabama and I was even like "Fuck. This isn't even deep south this is deepest south."
So anyway, I buy the literal cheapest threads from Wal-Mart for my journey to Beaumont and we decide to go into one of the strip clubs for a few drinks and... holy shit, this place was the most Jabba the Hutt's palace experience I have ever had except instead of Leia they had Jaba on the poles. I quietly order a beer, get propositioned for a backroom dance from a human opossum and could only quietly respond "No thank you I'm Christian" in an attempt to ward off others, and wonder how the fuck am I going to get this LT to drink his beer faster so we can fucking leave.
Fast forward, fast forward.
We finally arrived to Beaumont and check in our hotel. I'm suffering from a wicked hangover from the night before in Lake Charles which had about 10 women for each male at the bar we went to. When we get to the hotel, we all agree that we just want to get some food and the clerk recommends this Cajun themed restaurant down the road. We go there and there were no tables but three open seats at the bar so we chose that. As always, Army guys are only just going to talk about the fucking Army so we proceed with our usual dose of bitching and whinnying.
Suddenly, this older gent leads forward sitting beside us and says "YALL IN THE SERVICE?!"
"Sure 'nuff."
"We have and we're heading back to Iraq in a few months."
"That's not necessary sir we-"
And that's how I met who I will refer to as Chief. I call him Chief because later he told me he was a Navy veteran and later he told me he was a Seal - like 98% of Navy veterans you meet. Chief had his lovely girlfriend with him and was the loudest fucking Texan in a bar full of Texans. He was pretty funny but mind you I'm still dealing with this wicked hangover and really just wanted sleep. We eat our respective meals and have a few more shots and beers.
"We're tired so we were just goin-"
"That's really not neces-"
Well, fuck. Fair point. We ended up driving to this random Chili's after exchanging texts with them and shit. My LT is all worked up and excited like a puppy because he's hoping they're a rich couple who want to rain down upon us the riches of the world for THX 4 UR SERVICE. I'm more in the tune of thought that they're swingers and probably want untie one of our balloon knots in some heated up sexcapade.
All the sudden, this SUPED the fuck up Mustang pulls up beside us.
"HEY YALL SEEN SOME ARMY DOUCHEBAGS!?" as the window rolls down.
"I'm sorry, we're not like submarines or Marines, you can't go down on us sir."
"It's a fucking rental Dodge of course it won't-" his Mustang goes flying off 2 Fast 2 Furious style. The Lieutenant is driving as I watch this Mustang Toyko-fucking-drift into the highway.
"Slow down and ask him the location by text. I don't want to die on the road." So Chief proceeds to text us the location of where they are heading. And of course, strip club. We pull up and it's about the nicest fucking strip club I have ever seen. Polar opposite to that fucking swamp trailer we had seen before. I'm walking in my Wal-Mart bin threads clothes like "Fuck I'm not dressed for this shit."
There's another couple with Chief now who introduce themselves to us. They're roughly around his age and married. Oh yeah, we are totally in a swinger situation. One of us is going to have to pay the dues and it isn't me. We walk in and sit down at this table and this place is two stories. Huge. Multiple dancers everywhere.
"ALL DRINKS ON ME, YOU WANT A DANCE, PUT IT ON MY CARD." He then proceeds to pull out $300 in ones and shuffles them to each of us so we total $100 each. Dude. WTF is this. Then he proceeds to buy a tray of jello shots and puts that on the table. At this time, a Mafiaso looking dude walks up to us in a nice suit.
"Thank you for getting the VIP section. Just so you're aware, you will have to purchase a $500 dollar bottle of champagne or a $1000 bottle." What. The. Fuck. We're in the VIP section of this club? Holy shit, how much does that cost? Here I am dressed in clothes that probably in total cost $17.67 and about to be drinking a bottle of $500 champagne.
"I DON'T WANT CHAMPAGNE! I WANT SOME REAL LIQUOR!" Gents and gentettes, I proceed to watch this man argue with the owner that he wants Captain Morgan over champagne. I am now at a loss of processing this TDY adventure. Finally the owner agrees to Captain Morgan but it will still cost $500 dollars.
He agrees. I just witnessed a man pay $500 dollars for a bottle of Captain Morgan. That I am almost positive that we never opened. I shit you not. I am holding back on throwing this dude's cash around because I'm still worried about the whole swinger aspect and them getting some soldier butthole later in the night when the festivities end.
Fast forward, fast forward.
Night ends. We bid our farewells to Chief and his friends. None of us was required to fuck one of them. Other NCO didn't drink at all so he drives us back to the hotel so we can finally crash. We do. TDY adventure now can get official and we can focus on our containers like professionals...
Hold fast. Rewind, rewind.
It's a Saturday. We don't have shit we can do. I'm awoken early in the morning by a knock at my door in which I answer and the Lieutenant is standing there with Chief on speaker yelling about jet-skis or some shit. wat?
"He said he told you that we were going on his boat today." Umm.... negative.
"MEET ME AT THE DOCKS" Chief yells on the phone and hangs up.
So, we ended up meeting them at whatever lake is near Beaumont and let me tell you what... I would have given up my butthole for the amount of fun we had on his boat and jet skis. Jesus Christ, that was one of the funnest days of my life. I had never ridden a jet ski before but was going nuts on it. In less than two hours of meeting up with him, I'm driving a jet ski for the first time in my life trying to keep up with his fucking boat so I don't lose him. I don't really have much to add to that but god damn jet skis are amazing.
Fast forward, fast forward.
So we get the boat back to the dock and, in case I didn't mention, it was Chief, his girlfriend, and the other couple I mentioned before. I hear them talking about going to some boat casino with a Jack Daniels restaurant. Chief's friend keeps telling me they make a steak that is so good you will want to "fuck it on the floor to relieve your erection" which I believe is a high compliment. They get ready to leave and we bid our farewells.
"THE FUCK ARE YALL TALKING ABOUT, SEE YOU THERE." Well okay, I guess we're going to a boat casino lol wtf. We go to a casino and they park the boat at the docks. I proceed to watch these fools drop mad money after eating a steak that I'm not sure I would call floor fucking worthy but pretty damn good. They then proceed to go nuts on the gambling. I mean fucking leaving me at their table with like $1,000 dollars so they could take a quick piss and I don't even gamble so I just stood there like a lost child. At one point, I notice Chief is missing so I decide to go check his boat.
Lo and behold, there he is swimming in the dock with his boat blaring music loud as fuck. As I am walking towards the concert, there is literally a party of people dancing to his music outside of a hotel room on a balcony. I walk down and he's climbing back in. About this time, the other NCO from my merry band of adventurers walks up to. Chief asks what service-members carry now in the Army and proceeds to pull a glock out of his boat glove compartment.
Alrighty now... I don't really care much for someone to be intoxicated and holding a gun. "Hey you should probably put-"
Mother. Fucker. Fucking. Fuck. FUCK. He totally just fired a round into the water. We are at a god damn casino and on the casino property. We are so about to taken the fuck down into depths of hell that I have never seen before. That dancing crew that I mentioned early, they're gone. Andddddd here comes security. Two behemoths of security guards heading our way. Once again, I go into the fucking zone and start walking towards them.
"Hey brother, that shit scared the fuck out of me."
"It must have been like a boat backfire or something. I thought for sure it was a gunshot at first. I think the water made it sound weird. Scared the fuck out of me."
"How do you know it wasn't!?"
"Oh I'm in the Army bro. That shit made me think someone was shooting at us."
"Oh... Okay... You cool?"
"Yeah, I'm good man. Just spooked me."
"You need a drink? On the house if nee-"
"Nah, I'm good man. Thank you though. Have a nice night."
And that's how I avoided being taken into casino prison.
Fast forward, fast forward.
We bid our farewells and return back to the hotel. Sunday I get a call from Chief's friend who I will refer to as "Victor" calls me and asks if we would like to get a few Sunday beers. We agree and meet at this chill local bar and are just shooting the shit.
District Attorney for the area happen to be sitting in there and buys us rounds. God damn Texas really does fucking love the military, Jesus. At this time another older gentleman that knows Victor sits beside me and greets Victor. He asks me if I had deployed and I told him I had and was heading back over.
"I thought my war was bad, I feel bad for your situation with those bombs they put on the roads. Scary stuff."
"You were in?"
"Army, Vietnam. I was a forward observer."
This dude then proceeds to tell me stories about hiding in the brush from dog handlers who were hunting them down since they were forward observers. He proceeds to mention that if it wasn't for some Native American teaching them how to hide their scent, he would have been found. Basically learned how to rub shit on themselves so they could evade dog handlers. I'm sitting there in dismay at how he felt bad for my war... I may have gone into Iraqi shit creeks more than I cared for but I wasn't purposely rubbing shit in my hair so I could be behind deadly frontlines.
He then proceeds to talk about a battle he was in. How they were being overran at one point by the Vietnamese.
"We lost a lot of good men that day. Lots of friends." A slight tear rolls down his cheek and I saw him brush it away. You can usually spot a bull shitter with their gloats of heroism and valor. You know you're dealing with a man who had seen some shit when eyes water. A man who had seen some real hard shit in the bush. I could be wrong but I got the feeling he was the type that buried his experiences deep into his mind and never really got the chance to express his memories. He was a successful construction owner but I'm sure he still has nights judging by what he was telling me. Only to be probably spit on when he came home.
He asks to be excused so he can piss.
"I never knew he was in the service nor in Vietnam..." Victor says.
"I've known him for over 15 years and I had no clue." Bartender says.
Gentleman comes back and I ask if I can buy him a beer for his service as he had bought one for me. He agrees. Victor ended up picking up the tab before I could pay for that round. God damnit can I not fucking pay for anything here? I give him a firm handshake when I leave and tell him it was nice to meet him. Later I gave Victor my Combat Infantryman Badge and asked him to give it to the gentleman. Tell him I appreciate him telling me stories and mad respect for a man who had been through some real shit. While we were talking, he said something along the lines of not getting anything like infantry guys. Normally this would be debate worthy to me but I'm not saying shit to this gentleman. He's been through it.
"Does it mean anything when I give it to him?"
"Means essentially nothing but maybe it will be something to him."
Fast forward. I'm going to skip the part of going to a Roller Derby team after-party at a strip club where I saw behemoth sized women picking up strippers and toss money at them left and right. That was another doozy of a day. They were more crazy in the strip club than I had ever seen any crowd be.... Coming from a survivor of Fayettenam's strip club venues, that means something.
Alright. I'm on my final day and I've left a fuck ton more shit out of this story that occurred down in Beaumont for respectful reasons. We had to leave abruptly so I was on my last night. I went down to the hotel bar that I had gone into a few times. The bartender Steve was like the youngest 50 year old dude I had ever seen. I thought he was younger than me. Apparently my man Steve is a millionaire with a landscaping business and I ask him why he bartends and he says "Because of the funny fucking stories I get to hear from dudes like you." Oh, okay, word.
This other dude is sitting beside me and asks if I was in the Army as I well telling Steve the shit show of an experience I had since being in Beaumont.
"I was in too. I didn't go overseas or nothing like you did." I then proceed to have a very meaningful conversation with this dude on how he shouldn't look at it that way. He served and if called upon, he would have answered too. I offer to buy him a drink. He agrees and I ask Steve for a glass of their best scotch at the bar for both of us. I'm paying something in this god damn town before I leave. Just fucking something. I haven't dropped a dollar since Wal-Mart basically and this place has been so fucking kind to me, I'm putting something into Beaumont's economy. So help me God.
We talk. We finish our drinks. We shake hands. He departs. I look at Steve and realize that this will wrap up this adventure. My precious Beautmont adventure. What a time. You have been so kind and generous to me. Now it's time to pay for something for this town. Here we go.
"Get me tab Steve."
"It's on the house, Pickleindabutt."
I go on this rant about how everyone is paying everything for me and fuck let me just buy a round. Steve is laughing at me and refuses.
I finally convince him to give me $0.00 receipt and leave him a $20 dollar tip.
The next day we get back into uniform and realize we grossly did not estimate our trip to the airport accurately at all so we are speeding away from lovely Beaumont to whatever airport we needed to get to in Louisiana. While speeding we get pulled over by some Louisiana state trooper. He walks up to the passenger side where I am sitting at.
"Who the hell do you think you are speeding like - what the hell, yall going to war or something?" when he sees the uniforms.
"Well, we're trying to make our flight at the so we can go to Iraq."
Ehhh, not a lie necessarily...
"Alright, after you pass the next state trooper at the end of the coming construction zone, you should be able to gun it the rest of the way there. Be safe now!" Wasn't expecting that response but we'll take it.
And that was that. I went back to Fort Bragg. Beaumont's adventure was over and I somehow managed to survive. I came back on a regular workday night and went to bed. Woke up to my Staff Duty desk calling me at like 5am and my dumb ass Sergeant Major was on the line which is not what I wanted...
"Hey SSG Pickle! Were you trying to fucking kill yourself!?"
Dear God, did my Sergeant Major catch wind of all that was going down in Beaumont. I wasn't posting it on social media. Does he know the shennanigans? We got the containers through. Did he catch rumors of his Staff Sergeant parading around in strip clubs, almost crashing a jet ski, partying with Roller Derby girls, having to sit around a hospital waiting area for a day, being selected to be a special guest for a crawfish cook-off... Could they question my professionalism? Am I losing my spot on the security detachment. Did I fill out hazmat paperwork wrong?... What could this mean.
"Uh... negative."
"Oh shit wrong SSG, never mind." Hangs up.
Get a text from my Platoon Sergeant who is acting 1SG at this time and he's basically like "Come in today, now." I get there and he's basically like "Yeah everything has gone to shit for this pre-deployment. I need you in here." Whatever, that's fine. He's solid so I know it's the truth.
"By the way, how was that trip to Beaumont?"
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Tüm yeni başlayanlara iyi şanslar!”
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Entitled Uncle Claims Land From Native Americans (Long Post)

Hey all! I've been listening to Markee for a bit now, and already posted once on here but had to come back for more. I have quite a few entitled people stories and had originally planned to work my way up to some of my worse stories. Buuuut, I got a specific automated letter in the mail today that brought this whole sordid thing up, and made me irrevocably angry (as it always does). I figured, "hey, everyone likes a good story and let's be real, the nastier the better, right?" Right. TL;DR at the bottom, this is going to be a long one, so buckle up.
Part 1: Some History
To start, it's important to understand a little bit of my families history, specifically my mother's side. While there are a lot of entitled people on my dad's side, my mom's side was usually super chill. Grandma (her own brand of entitled, but not the main character of this story) was the eldest of three girls. Her parents were a white man and a part Native American woman (I always get lost here as grandma's story always changed, sometimes she said Great Grandma was half, sometimes she said quarter, it depended on her mood I guess). My grandma was proud of this fact, though she never lived with the tribe, didn't know their customs, and never passed on any if she did know happen to know any. She married Grandpa at some point and had three kids of her own. The eldest, we'll call William, was Grandpa's favorite probably because he was the eldest and a son. William was literally born in a barn, and was a preemie but was tough and pulled through, so another plus on why he was Grandpa's favorite. The middle child, we'll call Richard, for some reason he was Grandma's favorite. Why or how, no one knows, but he was. This is our illustrious, intrepid, "hero" for the day, you can see why I am calling him... Richard. And the last child was my mother, we'll be calling her Anne from now on to make things a little easier for me. With an 'e' because she does have red hair and can be imaginative when she wants (add in a huge helping of sarcasm and sass and that's my mother, though still as nice as can be and doesn't hate anyone). Anne was the youngest, the only girl, so you'd think she was spoiled but no. For some reason, her elder brothers always assumed she was, but she wasn't. None of that's important though, what's important to know is that of my two uncles on my mother's side, Richard is our focus.
Growing up, I got to see a lot of my dad's side of the family, though not all of them as there are a LOT. However, I didn't get to see my mom's side of the family very often. Most of Anne's aunts and cousins lived a couple hours from us so we'd visit them often (as one of her aunts and uncles were better parents to her then her own parents, but again, a story for another time). Anne's parents, my grandparents, lived two states away, William lived in the same state as them, while Richard lived on the opposite side of the country. This was fine by us because William wasn't a terrible uncle but his first wife was a bit of a nut case, so we really didn't want to associate with them. And Richard was, of course, entitled. Though, how entitled I don't think any of us could have guessed. He came to visit a few times, but I don't remember too many of the visits, only a couple. Anne didn't talk about her brothers terribly often, again they weren't necessarily the best brothers, especially Richard. I didn't quite understand when I was little, but as I grew up, here are some things I learned about Richard from Anne and my dad, or from the few times I met him:
These are just the big ones I can think of off the top of my head. So now that we have established how entitled and horrible Richard is, let's get into the reason why you're here.

Part 2: This Land (is my Land)
To set the stage a smidge, this started a couple years ago. My grandpa had passed one January due to his old age. My grandma had passed almost a year after him, probably from bitterness. Remember how before I mentioned my grandma was part Native American? You might have caught that I even, briefly, mentioned my grandma got a monthly stipend that wasn't retirement related?
Well, my grandmother never lived with her tribe, but her and her sisters were part of the tribe. If you don't know, different tribes have certain requirements to be part of it. Grandma's mother had enough Native blood that she was part of the tribe, and when she had her children she was able to have them be part of the tribe too. Apparently, at some point, grandma could have petitioned to get Anne and her siblings to be part of the tribe too, but she never bothered because she was her own brand of entitled (how proud were you really, grandma?). When you are part of the tribe, your name goes on the registry and you get a portion of the reservation's land. Great grandmother had a chunk of land I won't say how much, but it wasn't too much less from 100 acres, that was divided among her three daughters when she passed. The land the tribe owned made a lot of money for a long time selling materials to the US Government, I won't say what kind, but let's just say they were the radioactive kind. And more recently from a casino they built. When you're part of the tribe, even if you don't live with the tribe or on the reservation, you get a piece of the profits, I'm pretty sure in proportion to the amount of land you hold. My grandmother's monthly stipend was from this. When she died however, the money went back to the reservation and the tribe because none of her children were part of the tribe. It's also important to note that once all those who the land has been granted to have died, if there is nothing in their will over the land, it gets transferred back to the tribe. So with my grandmother gone, once her sisters go, if they don't will their portions of land to their children, the whole shebang goes back to the tribe.
Anne and William didn't mind. Anne liked knowing she was part Native American, but like the rest of her side of the family, they believed that, though they had the blood, they weren't really part of the tribe because they weren't raised in that culture and knew none of their customs. Richard of course, had a problem with this. Mostly because he's entitled and just wants things. But I think mostly because of one major reason, the great grandmother that was part Native American? Yea, it was Victoria. And we all know how Richard is about things that belonged to Victoria. We didn't hear about it at first because he knew William would shut him down, but apparently he petitioned with the tribe to allow the name to be transferred from my grandmother to the three of them. This could be allowed because, while my grandmother wasn't alive, her younger sisters were. So technically grandmother's land was still the family's. And because she had no will regarding the land itself, and there was nothing in the will that Richard supposedly had (as far as we know, of course) he could petition it and possibly receive a portion of the land. We ended up finding out because one of Anne's aunts had received a letter from the tribe about this and she was furious. The aunt asked me if I knew about it when I visited with my siblings. We did not. So, we told Anne, and Anne told William. Richard didn't push too hard after that, because when William found out he was angry. Richard backed down mostly and we thought that was the end of it.
Two years after my grandma died, a couple months after the anniversary of it, William had an accident on his property. I won't go into the details, even though there was an actual article written about it, that's a bit personal and not something I wish to discuss. William wasn't necessarily a good uncle, he wasn't necessarily a good brother either, but when my family needed help the most he was there for us in a way that a lot of our other family wasn't, and Anne and the rest of us well.... He wasn't a good uncle or brother, but for what he did, he was the best. At this point my mom had moved state and unfortunately couldn't make it to the scattering of his ashes, which my uncle's second wife wasn't going to hold off to give my mom time to make it. Also, Anne really didn't want to risk running into Richard, who had gone to the ceremony. My mom sent a lovely wreath instead and grieved the loss with us and we tearfully joked about "how long do you think Richard waited before asking William's second wife if he could store the boat on their property?" We then kind of dusted ourselves of Richard after that. When Anne had moved, she hadn't told either of her brother's where she moved too or that she had. Nothing against William, she just knew that if she'd told him, there was a chance he would have told Richard. And Richard liked to drop in unannounced sometimes. So we thought this was the last we were going to deal with him.
If you've gotten this far, you know that is very much not the case.
Not long after William died, Richard renewed his efforts to petition for the land. Everyone was pissed, but he'd only ever listened to his mother, who had passed, and only ever been cowed by William, who was now also out of the picture. This gave Richard free reign to do what he wanted. He petitioned, and because there was nothing in the will about the land the tribe agreed. There is a snag in his plan. They wouldn't give the whole portion of my grandmother's land to Richard, and he has no claim on his aunt's portions as they hate him for this whole situation. In order to get grandma's whole portion, the tribe would have to receive a written agreement to a handing over of the land to him from his two siblings. Well, William was dead, so the tribe said that the dead's right to the land stayed with the dead. And Anne wasn't about to give him the land. She couldn't stop him from getting what he wanted before, but this she could do. So now, William's estate, Anne, and Richard own a third of a third of less then 100 acres of tribal land. This is terrible. The entitled jerk won.
Want to know the silver lining? He can't build on it unless he has permission from the tribe, and even if he did get permission it's not a whole lot of land. A third of a third of less then 100 acres? Not a whole lot. What could be better? He can't will it to anyone, because he's not part of the tribe so has no claim over it aside from his mother's claim. He doesn't have children, but even if he did or were to suddenly have one, he couldn't keep the land in the family. Once he dies, it gets reverted back to family land, and once the last of those who actually own it or have been willed it dies, it goes back to the tribe. Wait, there's something even better? The land was given to him, but only the land was able to be "willed" to children. If you aren't on the registry for the tribe, you don't receive the monthly stipend. So all he has is empty land. I also hope as a sticking it to him, seeing as the land was never officially divided by my grandmother and her sister, that the tribe gave him land smack dab in the middle of the whole thing. That way, even if he got permission to build from the tribe, he'd have to get permission from the rest of the family if the build spilled over into any of their portions of land, which of course none of us would ever give.
The aftermath of the whole situation: most of us have started calling him A**hole and nothing else, his real name is no longer remembered in this household. Even my grandma's super religious sister and brother-in-law think it's hilarious we call him that and call him it too. Anne has nothing left to do with her brother, he doesn't know her new address so all her mail comes to me, including every couple of months a letter from the tribe stating the affairs of her land's "accounts" which is always zero. Anne's probably the only one that still calls him by name. She used to say "I know how you feel about Richard, but he's my brother, I have to love him" though slowly she began just saying "I know how you feel about him." If you think she has any love for him anymore? Don't worry, she doesn't. The last time we talked about him, after receiving the first letter from the tribe for her lands "accounts" I called her. She was exhausted and just done with this whole thing, I don't tell her when I receive another one now, just open it to make sure there's nothing to worry about, and then shred it. At one point I was ready to go into my normal spiel with her about how 'just because he's your brother by blood doesn't mean you have to love him' and I started with the phrase she usually said: "I know how you feel about him...." Her response? Before I could go further then that phrase, she says: "Yea, like he should have been the one to die in a horrible accident." The 'instead of William' part didn't need to be said. Oof.
TL;DR: Entitled Uncle thinks he's entitled to his mother's portion of Native American land, wins, but ostracizes himself from his whole family for all eternity.
Phew, that was long. I'm sorry about that. If you made it to the end, I hope you enjoyed the utter ridiculousness that is A**hole and felt the same utter loathing reading this as I felt living it.
Stay safe everyone and enjoy your day (or night).
Harley Out!

PS. If for some unfathomable reason A**hole is reading this? You know how I mentioned the whole yard sale knick knacks being passed as heirlooms? I don't know when my mother started doing this. Have fun trying to figure out what really belonged to Grandma Victoria you soggy, empty, trashbag.
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[USA-NJ] [H] AGS 101, DSi XL, Games, Amiibo, Pro Audio Headphones [W] Shantae and the Pirate's Curse for Switch, my list, your offers

Hello everyone, back again looking to swap! I am happy to announce that I recently completed 50 confirmed trades! I have 5 sections of items to offer: Systems, Games, Amiibo, Collectibles, and Miscellaneous. Click on the name of an item to view pictures. If I don't have pictures, they are available on request. All items are NA region except where noted. Prefer to trade in continental US, of course.
I'm trying to land some hard to find wants from my list below, and to that end I'm bringing out some hard trades. If an items says hard trade, then I only want to trade it toward bolded wants from my list below (games like Shantae and the Pirate's Curse for Switch, Izuna series for DS or Virtual-On Marz for PS2). I'm also willing to add cash in such instances.
I am also happy to sell these items and have linked my GameSale post at the end! And if you see something here that isn't in my GameSale post, it might mean that I forgot to list it there or that it's only for trading, just ask.



25th Anniversary Mario Red DSi XL sold on Mercari
Glacier AGS 001 GBA - Has scratches on screen, otherwise fine, still has battery cover.


3DS Condition Notes
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse NIB
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance CIB Hard trade, also have Brady Games strategy guide
Rune Factory 4 CIB
Bravely Default CIB
Pokemon Rumble Blast Loose
Mario Party Island Tour Loose
Poochy and Yoshi's Woolly World PAL EU Region NIB PAL EU region, not NA!
Animal Crossing New Leaf Box and manual only Back plastic has a cut, cover art not affected
Brain Age Concentration Training Box and manual only Cover art has a tear on back
new Nintendo 2DS XL Quick Start Insert Insert only

DS Condition Notes
EMS NDS Adapter CIB Includes CD. Only works with 32 bit Windows (XP is best). For transferring saves to/from PC. Does not work with 3DS games.
Game and Watch Collection 2 NIB Very hard trade, Club Nintendo exclusive item
Final Fantasy 3 CIB Hard Trade
Korg DS10+ CIB Hard Trade
Bejeweled 3 CIB No slipcover
Sims 2 Pets CIB
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Box only No booklets or game
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Manual and inserts only No box or game

Big lot of GBA / GBC / GB game boxes and manuals, no games - Willing to split. Please check photos for condition. All the posters included are in excellent condition. The Game Boy manual and poster in picture 8 are from a Play It Loud series original DMG box. There's also a few DS and 3DS items included.
Game Boy Advance Condition Notes
Pokemon Ruby CIB
Sword of Mana CIB
Mario Kart Super Circuit CIB Player's choice version
Mario Kart Super Circuit Prima Strategy Guide n/a
Atari Anniversary Advance CIB Hard trade
Pac Man World 2 CIB Hard Trade
Spyro 2: Season of Flame Loose
Disney’s Party CIB
Spyro 2: Season of Flame Loose
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory CIB
Danny Phantom the Ultimate Enemy CIB
Fairly Odd Parents Clash with the Anti World CIB
Home on the Range CIB
Ratatouille CIB
Spyro 2: Season of Flame Loose
Green Eggs and Ham CIB
Spyro 2: Season of Flame Loose
YuGiOh 7 Trials to Glory Loose
YuGiOh The Sacred Cards Loose
Monster Trucks Loose
Backyard Football Loose
Backyard Basketball Loose
Chicken Little Game and Manual
Off-brand GBA SP charger (looks like an official one, but isn't) n/a

Game Boy Color Condition Notes
Vegas Games CIB
Metal Gear Solid Loose Hard trade
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge Loose Tear on label
Looney Tunes Carrot Crazy Loose Torn label
Spongebob Squarepants and the Lost Spatula Loose Torn label

Game Boy Condition Notes
The Pagemaster CIB
InfoGenius Spell Checker and Calculator CIB Still has partial shrink wrap
WWF Warzone CIB
Yoshi Loose Slight discoloration on cart
Pac Man Loose
Centipede Loose
Amazing Spider Man Loose
Amazing Spider Man 3 Loose
Jack Nicklaus Golf Game and manual
Casino Fun Pack Game and manual
Shanghai Manual Manual only
Sneaky Snakes Manual Manual only
Donkey Kong Super Game Boy insert Insert only First page is in bad shape but all pages are intact

Wii U Condition Notes
Nintendo Land Box and manual only No game

GameCube Condition Notes
Lego Star Wars II The Original Trilogy CIB
Dead to Rights CIB

NES Condition Notes
Legend of Zelda gold cart Loose Hard trade
Metroid Loose Hard trade
Blaster Master Loose Hard trade
Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt Loose

PS3 Condition Notes
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Limited Edition CIB Includes card with online pass code
Call of Duty Black Ops CIB

PS2 Condition Notes
Sly 2 Band of Thieves CIB Red Label
Sonic Heroes CIB
Spy Hunter CIB
Gran Turismo 4 CIB Red Label
Gran Turismo 3 CIB Red Label
Defender CIB
Maximo Ghosts to Glory CIB
Manhunt Loose
Namco Museum 50th Anniversary CIB Red Label but there was never a black label release in North America, I kid you not
Namco Museum CIB Slight tear on manual
Ace Combat 04 Shattered Skies CIB Red label
Ace Combat 04 Shattered Skies Loose
Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb CIB
Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith CIB
Rygar the Legendary Adventure CIB
Pac Man World 2 CIB Red Label
ESPN NBA 2k5 Loose
Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2005 Adventures CIB

PS1 Condition Notes
Reel Fishing 2 Loose
Need for Speed 3 Hot Pursuit Back cover art

SEGA Genesis Condition Notes
Road Rash 2 CIB


Figure Condition Notes
Poochy and Yoshi's Woolly World PAL EU Region Big Box NIB Can hold a poochy amiibo and game from any region, much nicer than the NA region box, game is also available and is sealed, boxes in UK do not come sticker sealed so this is new condition and can be opened
King K Rool First Print NA NIB
Young Link First Print NA NIB Hard Trade
Marth First Print EU NIB
Pac Man First Print NA NIB
Sonic the Hedgehog First Print NA NIB
Mario Series Peach NA NIB Has a crease above plastic
Mabel NA NIB, has some wear on cardboard
Splatoon Blue Inkling Boy NA NIB
AC Amiibo Card: Digby 009 mint


Item Notes
Wendy's Super Mario Kart vehicles sealed Two styles available
Wendy's Super Mario Advance Board Game sealed Looks like a miniature GBA game box, hard trade
Poster: German Amiibo Buying Guide Released at launch of SSB wave 1
Poster: Nintendogs 28x40"
Poster: Monster Hunter 3 Tri 20x27"
Poster: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games 40x14"
Poster: New Super Mario Bros Wii / Zelda Spirit Tracks 12x17"
Poster set: Bravoman and Bravoman x Wonder-Momo 11x15"
Poster: Jet Force Gemini From Nintendo Power
Poster: Super Mario Galaxy From Nintendo Power
Poster: Crime Killer From EGM


Item Notes
Shure SRH 440 Professional Studio Headphones Great condition, gently used, comes with leather bag and 1/8" to 1/4" gold adapter. Retails for $99.99.
Large collection of Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image comics Click the link for a full list of what is available
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 Digital Camera Complete in original box with a bonus carrying bag and microfiber cloth, still works, battery doesn't last as long as it used to though. Does not have USB cable, so you need to use the SD card if you want to be able to transfer your photos off the camera.
Old iPod Touch Some scratches, has a bunch of Chinese songs on it, I can include a USB charger if you like. Unlocked.
Ledger Nano S Whitepaper Edition Sealed
Hatsune Miku Merch Mega Bundle Cosplay tie and suspenders, socks, plush, stickers, posters, keychain, webcomic anthology, and two men's shirts (one is L other is M), can be broken up
Quao card game Open box but some of the cards are still sealed
Trial of the Clone A modern CYOA style book
Three Word Phrase Volume One
Little Red Book Complete Street Guide to New York City
2 1932 Olympic stamps


Before you go through this long list, please note I am also happy to look at offers.
Firstly, I'm trying to track down some unusual specific items, help me out!
Other stuff I'm looking for
All my game wants are CIB except where noted. Accessories are loose. And it should go without saying, but everything should be clean and in good condition! I have sorted them by system; bold wants are high priority! But I am also open to offers for any of the systems below, so feel free to offer stuff not listed here.


I'm interested in more games than what you see on this list, feel free to make offers

PS Vita

"new" 3DS




GBA (can be loose but CIB preferred)

GBC (can be loose but CIB preferred for games)

GB (can be loose but CIB preferred for games)

Wii U




I still need a power cord for my N64 so I'm not prioritizing acquiring games yet, but here are the games I am interested in. Would love to get CIB but will probably settle for loose for now:


I have not had an SNES in years. I am somewhat interested in acquiring a unit with the cables and at least one controller, and Mario Paint either CIB or loose with all the parts. I just really want to play Mario Paint with my kids.

NES (can be loose)







I'm also open to Nintendo eShop credit, GameStop gift cards or Amazon gift cards.
Prefer to buy something? Here's my GameSale post.
Any questions, just ask!
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Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 1 episode 4 (Pt 3)

This concludes PJO season 1 episode 4 of my fan script. Enjoy!

The kids approach ARES, who is standing by a huge motorcycle with flames painted on the sides and shotgun holsters by the seat.
(Grinning wickedly)
Well, well, well! You didn’t die! Good job.
You knew it was a trap!
Yeah, yeah I did. Bet that ol’ cripple was surprised to see you runts in his net. Ya’ll look good on TV, by the way.
(Shoves shield into ARES’S chest)
Here’s your shield, douche bag.
ANNABETH and GROVER both gulp, afraid of what ARES might do to PERCY, but the war god simply throws the shield in the air, and as it spins and twirls around, it transforms into a bullet proof vest, which ARES throws on over his duster.
Much obliged, kid.
Well? We held up our end of the bargain, now it’s your turn. Where’s our ride?
Over there. Free ticket all the way to Vegas.
ARES gestures to an ugly, beat up eighteen wheeler across the street from the diner, with a sign on the back that reads: KINDNESS INTERNATIONAL: HUMANE ZOO TRANSPORT. WARNING: LIVE WILD ANIMALS INSIDE.
You can’t be serious…
ARES points at the truck, snaps his fingers, and the back doors of the trailer open.
You want a ride West or not? Besides, it’s free, so shut your yap. Oh, and here’s a little something for your troubles.
(Grabs a blue nylon backpack from his motorcycle, tosses it to PERCY)
(Opens backpack, sees fresh clothes, drachmas and some snacks)
We don’t want your damn-
(Eyes wide, nervous)
Th-thank you, Lord ARES, for this wonderful gift.
Yes, truly, Lord ARES, you are too generous. Isn’t he, PERCY?
PERCY scowls at ARES, who starts getting on his motorcycle.
(Trying to stay calm)
You still got something for me. You said you knew something about my mom.
You sure you wanna know?
(Starts his motorcycle)
She ain’t dead, kid.
(Shocked, hopeful)
Not… dead? But I saw her-
Explode into golden fire? HADES took her. He’s keeping her hostage.
(Angry, confused)
You ever read the Art of War, kid? I bet your little girlfriend would know all about it. You take hostages for leverage, to control your enemy.
(Balls up fists)
She’s not my girlfriend. And no one’s controlling me.
Whatever you say, kiddo.
You know, you’re pretty smug for a guy who runs from cupid statues.
(Eyes glowing behind shades, growling)
You better watch your back, PERCY JACKSON.
ARES revs his motorcycle, and takes off down the street.
That wasn’t smart, PERCY.
You do not want a god as an enemy, PERCY. Especially not ARES.
The kids glance back at the diner, and through the window, see two men wearing ‘Kindness International’ overalls heading out of the diner.
We gotta go, dudes.
The kids run across the street to the truck, hurriedly get in, and slam the doors close.
After the kids get in the truck, they realize it’s pitch black, and they can barely see.
I can’t see crap.
Hold on.
PERCY uncaps Riptide, and the gentle golden-bronze glow of the blade illuminates the trailer, revealing three caged animals; an albino lion, a zebra, and an antelope, who all look incredibly miserable. The zebra’s mane has chewing gum stuck in it, the antelope has a birthday balloon tied around its antler, and the lion’s ribs are visible through its fur. The lion has a sack of turnips in its filthy cage, and the zebra and antelope have packages of ground beef in their cages.
This is kindness?
This is horrible!
Poor guys…
The truck starts up and lurches forward, causing the kids the stagger back and fall. GROVER gets to his feet, and tries talking to the animals in a series of goat bleats, but they all just stare at him sadly.
We have to set them free!
We’re in a moving truck, wise girl, where they gonna go?
Besides, I don’t like the way ol’ Mufasa’s looking at me.
Well, we should still help them.
A montage begins of the kids helping the animals. ANNABETH pulls the packages of ground beef out of the zebra and antelope cages, and PERCY uses Riptide to drag the sack of turnips out of the lion’s cage. PERCY gives the turnips to the zebra and antelope, and ANNABETH throws the ground beef to the lion, who happily chows down on it. GROVER continues trying to talk to the animals, and PERCY finds a water jug and fills up their bowls. ANNABETH uses her dagger to cut the balloon off the antelope’s antler, and then tries to do they same for the gum in the zebra’s mane, but PERCY stops her.
The truck’s too bumpy. You might hurt him.
ANNABETH reluctantly sheaths her knife, and she sits down by the lion’s cage with PERCY. They open a pack of Oreo’s from the backpack ARES gave them, and GROVER lies down, using a turnip sack as a pillow.
(Quiet, bashful)
Hey, PERCY? Um… sorry I freaked out back at the water park.
It’s all good.
It’s just… spiders.
Because of the Arachne story. She got turned into a spider for pissing off your mom, right?
Arachne’s children having been hunting down the children of ATHENA ever since. Hate the creepy little things.
(Smiles, brushes hair out of face)
Anyway, you were awesome. I owe you.
(Chuckles, blushing)
Hey, we’re a team, remember? Besides, GROVER was pretty amazing too.
(Grinning, sleepy)
Yeah I was.
ANNABETH and PERCY chuckle, and ANNABETH hands PERCY an Oreo.
Hey, so… what else did LUKE say in the IRIS MESSAGE?
Well… he said you and him go way back. And how GROVER wouldn’t fail this time… and something about a pine tree?
ANNABETH and GROVER become quiet.
(Sad braying sound)
I should’ve just told you from the start. I thought if you knew how big of a failure I am, you wouldn’t want me to come on your quest.
I knew it! You were the satyr who rescued THALIA, the daughter of ZEUS, weren’t you?
GROVER doesn’t respond, but sadly looks off into space.
And the other half-bloods that you got to camp…
(Turns to ANNABETH)
… it was you and LUKE, wasn’t it?
Like you said, a seven year old half-blood could never survive long by herself. THALIA was twelve at the time, LUKE was fourteen. They both ran away from home, just like me. They were passing through Virginia around the time I ran away, and they took me in. For the first time, I felt like I had a real family.
(Sadly smiles)
I used to joke about how LUKE was like the dad of the group, THALIA was the mom, and I was their kid. After a few weeks of wandering around, fighting monsters and generally trying not to die, GROVER found us.
(Shaky voice)
I had strict orders to escort THALIA to camp. Just THALIA. We knew HADES was after her, and his monsters were closing in fast. CHIRON told me to do absolutely nothing that might slow us down, but… I couldn’t just leave LUKE and ANNABETH. I was sure I could get all three of them safely to camp but…
(Choking on words)
I-I got lost. Then all three Kindly Ones attacked us and…
(Tears streaming down face)
If I had just been a little faster…
GROVER… no one blames you.
The Council of Cloven Elders did. They said her death was all my fault.
Why? Because you refused to leave two innocent kids to die?
PERCY’S right. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here, GROVER. We don’t care what the council says.
Just my luck. I’m the biggest loser of a satyr ever and I find two of the most powerful half-bloods of the last century.
(Quiet, kind)
You’re not a loser satyr. You’re the best satyr in the world. I mean, you’re willingly going to the UNDERWORLD. And I bet PERCY is glad to have you here.
ANNABETH kicks PERCY in the shin.
(Surprised, gives ANNABETH an irritated glare)
Y-yeah… and it’s not luck that you found THALIA. Or me. You’ve got the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met… that’s why you’ll find PAN someday.
GROVER stays quiet, then starts snoring, and PERCY realizes GROVER has been asleep for a while.
How does he do that?
No idea. But…
(Smiles warmly, blushing)
That was really sweet of you. What you said to him.
(Smiles, blushing)
I meant it.
They sit in silence few a moments, the truck bumping and shaking as it heads down the road. PERCY notices ANNABETH playing with her necklace, and gets curious.
So, that pine tree bead… is that from your first year?
Yep. Every August, the counselors get together and discuss the most important thing that happened that summer, and they have it painted on that year's bead. I’ve got THALIA’S tree, a Greek trireme on fire, a centaur in a prom dress…
PERCY raises an eyebrow.
Yeah, that was a pretty weird summer.
And… the college ring, it’s your dad’s, isn’t it?
(Frowns, annoyed)
That’s none of your-
(Stops herself, kind and sad)
Yeah. It’s my dad’s.
You don’t have to tell me.
No, I… I want to tell you.
(Takes shaky breath)
Two summers ago, he sent it to me in a letter. My mom helped him get into Harvard; long story, by the way; so the ring’s super important to him. And… he wanted me to have it. He said he was sorry for being a jerk… he said he loved me, missed me, and wanted me to come back to Virginia.
That sounds pretty good.
Yeah, it was…
… For a while. My stepmom was the same evil old witch. She still treated me like a freak of nature, and my dad still took her side. We got into shouting matches almost everyday, and monsters attacked almost every week. Halfway through Winter break, I called CHIRON and went back to camp.
Do you… think you’ll try it again? Living with your dad?
Please, PERCY. I’m not into self inflicted torture.
(Soft, kind)
You should give him another chance. I get that family sucks sometimes, but… they’re still family.
Thanks for the advice, PERCY. But my dad made his choice.
They sit in silence for a while.
(Hollow, hopeless)
Hey, ANNABETH? If we fail, and the gods fight… you think it will really go down like the Trojan war? ATHENA vs POSEIDON?
(Sighing, tired)
I don’t know what my mom will do, PERCY, but I do know I’ll stand by your side.
(Confused, flattered)
Oh… why?
Because you’re my friend, seaweed brain. Goodnight.
ANNABETH curls up on the sacks of turnips, and falls asleep immediately. PERCY tries to get comfortable, and as soon as he does fall asleep, he begins having another nightmare.
PERCY sits in a classroom, wearing a straight jacket with a standardized test on the desk in front of him. PERCY looks up from his desk, and sees a ghoulish looking teacher.
Come on, PERCY. You’re not stupid, are you? Pick up your pencil.
PERCY struggles to get out of his straight jacket, and is surprised to hear a girls voice next to him.
Well, seaweed brain?
PERCY, surprised, turns to see who the girl is, and sees a girl about his age with punkish black hair and blue eyes, also struggling in a straight jacket, and PERCY somehow immediately knows she is THALIA.
(Quiet, curious)
One of us has to get out of here. This is your dream, take control.
PERCY closes his eyes, focusing, and his straight jacket turns to white dust, and the image of the classroom begins breaking apart, as if it were being sucked into a black hole. The image of THALIA vanishes, and the ghoulish looking teacher turns into black mist, which turns into the image of the gaping chasm that PERCY had seen in his previous dreams, with a cloaked figure standing in front of it.
PERCY JACKSON… the exchange was a success, then? And he suspects nothing?
No, my lord. He remains ignorant, as do they all.
Ah, deceptions within deceptions… excellent…
You are well named the Crooked One, my lord. But… was all this really necessary? I could have simply brought it to you myself-
Hah! You?
The cloaked figure flinches.
You have already shown me the limits of you competence. If I had not intervened, you would have failed me utterly.
But, m-my lord-
Shhh… peace, little servant. These six months have bought much for us. ZEUS’S wrath grows. POSEIDON has played his most desperate hand, and we shall use it against him. Shortly, you shall have your wish, and your revenge. Once both items are within my hands-
-Wait… he watches.
PERCY gulps, his eyes wide with fear.
What?! You summoned him, my lord?
(Confused, cold, angry)
No… damn his father’s blood. He is too changeable, unpredictable. The boy’s power grows, he brought himself hither.
Perhaps, for a weakling like you… so, you wish to dream of your quest, little half-blood? Fine, I will oblige.
Suddenly, PERCY finds himself in a huge throne room made with black marble pillars and bronze floor, with an obsidian throne with the ghoulish faces of damned souls carved into it. Before the throne, at the foot of the dais is the image of PERCY’S mother, shrouded in golden fire. PERCY tries running to her, but his feet seemed to be stuck to the ground.
(Screaming, desperate)
Suddenly, PERCY is surrounded by skeletal figures in ancient Greek armor, who drape a red silk robe over his shoulers, and place thorny laurels on his head, which begin burning into his scalp.
(Laughing coldly)
Hail the conquering hero!
PERCY screams in agony as his skin slowly withers, his body turning ghoulish and skeletal, and is jolted awake from his nightmare when the truck lurches to a halt.
Hey dude, you up? I think we’re in Vegas.
The back door of the trailer unlocks.
(Urgent, quiet)
ANNABETH puts on her Yankees cap, and vanishes.
Easy for you to say.
PERCY and GROVER hide behind some sacks of turnips as the doors opens, and one of the truck drivers climbs into the trailer.
(Grumbling, waving hand in front of nose)
Ugh… man, I should’ve hauled appliances.
(Approaches lion cage, grabs water jug, grinning)
Hey, big boy, thirsty?
The truck driver splashes the water jug in the lion’s face, causing it to roar angrily.
Yeah, yeah.
(Turns to zebra cage)
Well, at least we’ll be getting ridda you, stripes. You’re goin’ to a magic show! They’re gonna saw ya in half!
My lord, free me, please!
PERCY’S jaw drops when realizes the voice is coming from the zebra, and a banging noise comes from outside the trailer.
Eh? Whatchu want, Eddie?
Huh? You say something, Maurice?
Whatchu bangin for?
What bangin?
TRUCK DRIVER #1 rolls his eyes and leaves the trailer, and starts yelling at TRUCK DRIVER #2. ANNABETH becomes visible next to PERCY.
That should keep them busy for a while. We have to free these animals. This can’t be legal!
It’s not. The lion just told me that these guys are smugglers.
Yes! Smugglers! Please, free us, my lord!
That zebra is talking to me.
Wait, what?
Yeah, I can hear it’s voice in my head.
Well, zebra’s are technically horses, and your dad created the first horse, so I guess it makes sense that you can talk to them.
Break my cage, prince PERSEUS. I can survive on my own after that.
PERCY uncaps Riptide, destroys the lock on the zebra’s cage, and the zebra leaps out, then bows to PERCY.
Thank you, my lord.
GROVER holds out his hands and mutters something in Ancient Greek, then the zebra runs out onto the streets of Las Vegas, the truck driver chasing after it, and several cops chase the truck drivers.
Now the other animals.
PERCY destroys the locks on the antelope and lion’s cages, and before they leave, GROVER mutters the same Ancient Greek words to them.
What did you say to them?
It’s a satyr’s sanctuary. It’s a nature spell that will make sure they find food, water and shelter until they find a safe place to stay.
Oh… wait, why don’t you do that to us?
It only works on wild animals, dude.
Okay… so why don’t you just use it on PERCY?
(Sarcastic gasp)
GROVER! Did that forehead just talk?
(Feigning innocence)
Hey! I was kidding!
(Sticks out tongue)
Let’s get out of here.
The kids wander around Las Vegas while cops chase around the animals in the background, and eventually find themselves outside of an incredibly fancy hotel.
Hey kids, you look tired. Why don’t you come in and stay a while?
(Suspicious at first, but shrugs)
Eh, why not?
The kids step into the hotel, and as they do, the camera pans up to show a neon lotus symbol over the door.
When the kids see the inside of the hotel, their jaws drop.
The kids look around the hotel lobby, which is filled with all sorts of fun activities, including an indoor bungee jumping bridge, a rock climbing wall, an indoor waterslide, and various virtual reality video games. A bellhop comes out of nowhere, surprising the kids.
Hey there!
Welcome to the Louts Hotel and Casino! Here’s your room key!
(Hands PERCY a key card)
Um… but…
Oh, don’t worry, your bill’s been taken care of. No extra charges, no tips, nothing. Your room number is 4001, top floor. If you need anything, just call the front desk. Oh, and here’s your LotusCash cards, they work on everything from the restaurants to the games.
(Hands the kids each a green card with a white lotus symbol on it)
Huh… how much is on these?
What do you mean?
Like, when do they run out of cash?
Oh, hey, good joke, kid. Enjoy your stay!
PERCY looks back and forth between ANNABETH and GROVER, who both shrug. They head to the glass elevator, which has a huge waterslide winding around it.
That’s super cool.
And probably super illegal.
But yeah, it is pretty cool.
The kids check into their room, which is a three bedroom, three bathroom suite, complete with a refrigerator, a flat screen TV, and several laptops.
Is so…
(Grabs TV remote, excited)
I wonder if National Geographic is on!
(Raises eyebrow)
NatGeo? All those channels and you wanna watch NatGeo?
PERCY rolls his eyes, tosses ARES’S backpack into a trash can, and walks away before he can see the backpack shimmer and disappear.
Dudes, you won’t believe this!
PERCY and ANNABETH head out to the balcony, and they grin when they see what GROVER has found. A few minutes later, they all sit together in a hot tub on the balcony.
Ooooh… this is nice.
Mmmmm… just what I needed.
Dudes, there’s also a skeet shooting machine up here.
(Looks over at the edge of balcony)
Woah, there is.
PERCY and GROVER get out of the hot tub, and PERCY grabs the shotgun, grinning.
Okay, this is definitely illegal.
The kids all exchange nervous glances, then start laughing.
Eh, who cares?
I know, right?
Hey GROVER, pull.
GROVER launches a clay pigeon into the air, which PERCY blasts out of the sky with his shotgun.
(Holding shotgun up high, shouting triumphantly)
(Getting out of hot tub)
My turn, my turn!
A montage begins of the kids having fun around the hotel, playing laser tag, riding the indoor roller coaster, stuffing their faces with pizza, jumping off the bungee jumping bridge, and PERCY and ANNABETH sing karaoke of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. PERCY gets kissed on the cheeks by two pretty waitresses, making him blush, but then he gets suspicious when he sees a group of people who are dressed as if they walked out of a 50’s movie. PERCY shrugs it off at first, and starts playing some shooting games with a boy about his age dressed like an Elvis impersonator named Darrin.
Aw dude, this game is so groovy, man.
(Frowns, confused)
Y-yeah, it’s uh… it’s pretty dope.
DARRIN looks at PERCY like he just started speaking an alien language, then goes back to his game. PERCY starts playing his game again, but stops, and gets a slightly worried look on his face.
Hey, DARRIN, weird question, but… what year is it?
In the game?
No, in real life.
(Scratches head, thinking)
… 1977, dude.
(Nervous chuckle)
You’re joking, right?
Bad vibes, man. Bad vibes.
PERCY stares at Darrin bewildered, then begins running around frantically, trying to find his friends.
(Approaches businessman dressed in old fashioned clothes)
Excuse me, sir, do you know what year it is?
Why, it’s 1929, my boy! And the stock market’s never been better!
Later, PERCY runs into some WWI soldiers, and asks them what year it is.
It’s 1918, son, and the Great War has finally come to an end!
The other soldiers cheer.
Great War… do you mean World War One?
The soldiers stop cheering, and get worried looks on their faces.
I mean, um… bye.
PERCY runs around for a while, trying to find his friends, and is relieved to find ANNABETH playing some sort of architect simulator.
ANNABETH! Thank the gods you’re okay. We have to get out of here.
ANNABETH doesn’t respond.
(Worried, shakes her shoulder)
(Whining like a child)
Ugh… whaaaaaat?
We have to leave, now.
Are you crazy? This place is awesome.
That’s just it, ANNABETH. This place is designed to get you addicted.
PERCY realizes ANNABETH is ignoring him again, and he shakes her shoulder again.
(Whips around, annoyed)
Our quest. The UNDERWORLD, remember?
(Turns back to her game, sighing)
Just a few more minutes.
ANNABETH, I just talked to a girl who thinks it’s still the 1930’s. This place is enchanted, it’s like it exists outside of time and space. You check in, and you never want to leave.
So? This place is great! Why would you wanna leave?
PERCY sighs, then grabs ANNABETH by the wrist, pulling her away from the game.
Hey! Let go of me!
ANNABETH hits PERCY in the arm a few times, but he grabs both her wrists, then grabs her face and makes her look directly into his eyes.
(Grim, dark)
Spiders, ANNABETH. Big, hairy spiders with spindly little legs and fat bodies.
ANNABETH gets a horrified look on her face, and breaks out of her trance.
PERCY? Where… how long…
I don’t know. But we have to get out of here.
Their eyes get wide with dread.
They run around for a bit, shouting GROVER’S name, and eventually find him at a reverse hunting simulator.
Ha! Take that, human! Yeah, it’s not so funny when the deer has the gun, huh?
PERCY and ANNABETH exchange a slightly confused look, and slowly approach GROVER.
(Laughing maniacally)
Bwa-ha-ha! The hunter has become the hunted!
(Curt, stern)
GROVER, we’re going. Now.
GROVER ignores her and keeps playing his game.
GROVER whips around, and starts clicking the trigger of his plastic gun at PERCY. PERCY rolls his eyes, and he and ANNABETH grab GROVER by the arms and start dragging him to the door. GROVER’S magic shoes come to life and attempt to take him back to his game.
Hey! Wait, dudes, I’m almost on the next level!
PERCY and ANNABETH ignore him, and are almost at the door when the bellhop hurries up to them.
Hey kids, you ready to upgrade to your platinum cards?
Actually, I think we’ll be leaving now.
(Sad, disappointed)
Oh… that’s too bad. And we just added a whole new game floor for platinum card members.
The bellhop holds out three shiny platinum-colored cards.
(Excited, tries to grab the cards)
Aw, sweet, dude!
(Smacking GROVER’S hand away)
Thanks, but no thanks.
PERCY and ANNABETH drag GROVER towards the door, GROVER struggling against them.
Well… come again…
PERCY and ANNABETH finally manage to get GROVER out the door, and they all stumble back onto the streets of Las Vegas.
How long were we in there?
(Frantically runs up to random by passers)
Excuse me, sir? What year is it?
The random man gives PERCY a weird look, and keeps walking.
(Runs up to teenage girl)
Excuse me? Can you tell-
I have a boyfriend.
PERCY rolls his eyes, then finds a news paper on the ground. He starts reading it, and his eyes get wide with dread.
Okay, guys, good news and bad news.
Good news first.
It’s still June.
Oh, thank PAN!
… Bad news?
It’s June twentieth.
All hope drains from ANNABETH and GROVER’S faces.
B-but that means…
We were in there for five days.
B-b-but then that means…
The kids all exchange glances, ANNABETH and GROVER’S faces terrified, PERCY’S face grim.
We have one day to find the MASTER BOLT, and stop World War Three.
Roll credits.
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Wild Horse Pass Casino Bonus Mix! Ft. Slotbae, Big Horn ...

Director: Michael GrafProduction Company: Spot Filmworks Ltd.Client: Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casinohttp://www.spotfilmworks.com About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... André Linnartz - Wild Horse Pass Casino Commercial Indulge in Vegas style casino entertainment without the hustle and bustle of Vegas crowds. The new Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino features 242 hotel rooms wi... A quick little tour of a part of the Casino among other things with solid background music. Created on April 12, 2010 using FlipShare. Hey guys this is a casino mash up of Bonuses and Jackpot feature me and Slotbae hit while we played at Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino located in Sunny Chan... Book now - http://top10hotel.info/sheraton-wild-horse-pass-resort-spaWild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino5040 Wild Horse Pass Blvd, Chandler, AZ, 85226, United Sta...