Fallsview Casino Resort Niagara Falls Hotels

Finally! The First Adults-Only Casino And Resort Is Opening In Las Vegas This Fall

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Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino (Niagara Falls, USA) Deal – just $88 per night

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MGM Resorts falls short in first-year gambling revenue at Springfield casino

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Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino (Niagara Falls, USA) Deal – just $81 per night

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Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino (Niagara Falls, USA) Deal – just $71 per night

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[Business] - Australian casino giant Crown Resorts sees shares fall after reports Asian crime syndicate used it to launder cash | South China Morning Post

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[Business] - Australian casino giant Crown Resorts sees shares fall after reports Asian crime syndicate used it to launder cash

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Where Will the Chips Fall? Augusta could be home to one of two 'destination resorts' casinos in Georgia

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3 Reasons To Visit Borgata, Atlantic City's Best Casino Resort, This Fall

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Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment (MGE) Becomes Official Service Provider of Fallsview Casino Resort, Casino Niagara and Niagara Falls Entertainment Centre

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@business: Wynn Resorts falls after original Macau casino posts sales drop https://t.co/lBmshVt6cF https://t.co/PHKpRNc58I

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One dead after falling from Spa Resort Casino parking structure in Palm Springs

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Niagara Falls – A hotel guest zaps a casino worker with a stun gun at Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino

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A woman falls to her death from the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem parking lot

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Patch Notes for Cayo Perico Heist Update 1.52

[December 15, 2020] – New Content in Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA Online Fixes

Game Stability and Performance

Matchmaking & Networking


Awards and Daily Objectives





Story Mode

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Patch notes and changes [PSA]

Patch Notes for Cayo Perico Heist Update 1.52
[December 15, 2020] – New Content in Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA Online Fixes

Game Stability and Performance

Matchmaking & Networking


Awards and Daily Objectives





Story Mode

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Ghost in the Shell is a terrifying vision of Western-Globalized Japan

People have criticized the Ghost in the Shell adaptation by Hollywood as a whitewashed movie. However, i see there is a sinister message behind the move that seems good for Westerners and bad for Japanese. The movie isn’t an entertaining one but it is a prophetic vision. Most Hollywood movies have social and political commentaries that send messages for wisest observers. As a long time observer of Japan, I realized the message. The movie doesn’t simply speak against the wrongness of transhumanism unchecked but it also revels the gospel of globalist capitalism.
In the movie, you see the Neo-Japan as an exciting place for international players of all kinds. It’s a world financial hub. In today, Japanese neoliberals are trying hard to turn Japan into London.
This seems all good but people of UK weren’t happy when the Iron Lady demolished British economy for American corporations. The UK is increasingly getting poorer and on verge of collapse after Brexit.
London became the world capital for crooks and global elites, while British people don’t see any benefit. This is what Japanese cronies want to bring into Japan.
They already think of destroying the Japanese economy through allowing massive tax breaks for foreigners. Exactly like what Tories in the UK did.
In the movie, you see all people of non-Japanese backgrounds. There are very little Japanese people in the movie. What happened? Population displacement, as Tokyo is too expensive for Japanese people to afford, while rich foreigners can. This movie is parallel to the real world cases where massive foreign capitals ruin local lives. Djibouti is a cautionary tale of massive foreign capitals creating more inequalities and ruining local businesses.
The case of Japan is no different today. Japan suffered three great economic recessions and got deteriorating conditions each time. Japan, similar to Thailand, has wage stagnation due to a deflationary economy. This means that everyone can no longer become rich in the long run if they work within Japan since their wages keep falling. It’s good that an appreciated currency can increase your buying power (if you have a lot of money already); however, it killed growth. Like Thailand, Japan has no choice to seek a service economy that caters for tourists as a way to accumulate more USD.
This was the original plan for the Olympics 2020 which failed miserably. As Japan gears towards service economy, real estates become sky high as foreigners purchase them.
As a result, Tokyo to Osaka see many expensive real estate assets that are mostly owned by foreigners. Japanese locals can’t afford the rents, and they now migrate to the countryside.
All of these have been symptoms that we saw in London and San Francisco. Japanese elites keep spinning reasons but we know the answers. The movie portrays a future where Japanese people are either kicked out of Tokyo or stucked in caged apartments to make rooms for foreigners.
The biggest theme of the movie is the rampant corporatism - a big critical theme in the movie. However, the movie merely points it at the foreign corporations who are villains in the first place. All corporations in the movie are foreign and operated by the West. There is little to no Japanese. Today, it’s the trend in the Japanese corporate world as more companies get acquired by foreigners. These foreigners do not give a damn about Japanese people.
It’s all about the mighty dollars for the Globalists, not the nation.
Now, it’s much worse for Japan as the foreigners figured ways to skiffle Japanese sovereignty for profits. These foreigners can control Japan without even calling the US government.
Now, it’s even much worse as their successes becoming more prevalent when Japanese power leverages wither with the rampaging pandemic.
The movie sees many non-Japanese people around as well as Japanese cultures and thought don’t exist in the movie. Why? Globalism diluted cultures into a melting pot. Japan in the movie has become American. In real world, we already see this through massive efforts from Western NGOs and liberals trying to penetrate and disrupt Japanese archaic cultures. Not for Japanese people, it’s better for smoothing the process of Globalism where any foreigner in Japan won’t be attacked by Japanese for being rich and different - like the Bakumatsu period where foreigners were attacked by local Japanese.
Nike simply shrugs off the critics from Japan because their globalist agenda has been succeeding after 1990s. Japan has lost all power leverages and become an open book for Westerners to freely manipulate Japanese consciousness.
The movie is a prophecy of what Japan will be. An American territory for dark money and unfettered corporatism. All of these are now happening in Japan, and no one cares.
It stunned me to see how close the movie is to the current deteriorating situation of Japan and the rise of Western influences over Japan in negative ways.
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Your Pre Market Brief for 12/15/2020

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Your Pre Market Brief for Tuesday December 15th 2020

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Tuesday December 15th 2020 Economic Calendar (All times are Eastern)

Overnight News Heading into Tuesday December 15th 2020

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End of Day and After Hours News Heading into Monday December 15th 2020

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Possible Dip Buying Opportunities in the near future (Other suggestions appreciated):

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COVID-19 Stats and News:

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pandora's vault analysis because i'm a simp and a nerd for the greek mythology refs techno is putting into the plot

It's me! I'm back! I found the Pandora's Vault situation interesting, to say the least. The name, the use, who's it for? I'm gonna dump a bunch of myths on y'all, coming up with theories about who the prison is for, etc. This is a really self-indulgent post lmao.

as always, this is just roleplay! this is acting! all CC are friends (maybe) irl!
tw for beastiality, what the hell is up with greek mythology smh my head

who is pandora and why does she have a vault?

Pandora, the One Who Bears All Gifts, was basically the Eve in Ancient Greece. She was made by the gods to be a punishment to humankind after Prometheus gave them fire. She was then married to Prometheus' little brother, Epimetheus, who wasn't supposed to accept anything given to him by the gods but holy shit Pandora was hot. Fun fact: Pandora originally had a jar, called a pithos, but later versions say that she had an ornate box!
Cursed(?) by her curiosity, Pandora opened the box, setting all kinds of evils loose. Panicking, she closed the box, trapping Hope (some scholars translate the Greek words elpis as Expectation) inside. According to Hesiod, Zeus kept Hope/Expectation inside to remind humans why you don't disobey gods. Jokes on Zeus, he's a dead god now. Get clowned, weather boy.
Pandora's Vault is going to contain either the true evil on the server or the last hope for New L'Manberg against Dream.

okay... but you said myths plural. what's the next one?

Thanks for pointing that out, u/Glittering-Ad98 who is also me :]
Basically, this dude named King Minos of Crete had a problem and called in a favor from Posiden, the god of the Sea and also Horses. Posiden made a snow-white bull from the sea foam, and Minos promised to sacrifice the bull to Posiden as a show of thanks. The thing is... the bull was really cool. Minos decided to go back on his promise and sacrificed some plain old bull, which made Posiden mad. He went to Aphrodite, goddess of Love and Beauty but wasn't actually all that lovely, and together they made Minos' wife, Pasiphae... want to fuck the bull. She went to an inventor, Daedalus, a genius architect, inventor, and sculptor who was staying in Crete because he yeeted his nephew off of a cliff, and commissioned him to make her a fursuit for a cow. To fuck the bull. You heard it here, folks! Pasiphae, wife of King Minos is a furry. So she fucked the bull and got pregnant with the Minotaur. Um! What the hell! Minos very understandably freaked out, got Daedalus to build a Labyrinth to hold the Minotaur, then banished Daedalus into the Labyrinth because he 'knows too much'.
I'm assuming y'all know how the Minotaur goes since it's myth goes with Theseus'! Beastiality and disgraced heroes, the staple of the Dream SMP /j.
We're talking about Daedalus more later.

okay, but who's pandora's box for?

Ah yes, the question for the time being. All we know about this person is that they're 'highly capable,' and 'someone Dream can't kill' which puts... a lot of people on the plate. *sighs*
Technoblade. Most popular contestant for the Vault, most likely contestant for the Vault, most contestant for the Vault. He fits the 'highly capable' description, we know that Dream fears him, and Technoblade Never Dies. The only thing I see getting in the way of this is Techno's whole pacifist retirement thing. And also Philza.
Philza. Also very plausible. Highly capable? Check. Someone Dream can't kill? Maybe? Dream would definitely try and imprison Phil for leverage over Techno. Leverage for what, you ask? To force him out of his retirement, out of his pacifism, and onto Dream's side. But! Philza is smart and could probably figure out what was happening before it's too late. Maybe leading to a canon Dream death? Pog.
Awesamdude. Sam! I don't know much about him but he's pretty pog! This is why I mentioned Daedalus, Dream could very much throw Sam into Pandora's Vault. Maybe Quackity as Icarus, he and Sam seem pretty close. As I said, I don't know much about Sam. He's apart of the Badlands, maybe Dream wants to sway them onto his side? But Bad/Co are busy with the Crimson... But Sam's like, stacked with resources. Dude's got 5 tridents in his ender chest, but I'm not sure about the worth of those anymore, everyone seems to have a trident. Definitely a threat to Dream.
Ghostbur. Highly capable? Alivebur definitely was up until his insanity/fall from grace. Someone Dream can't kill? He's already dead. Ghostbur is a liability in Dream's plans, so Dream resorts to trapping him. This can also link the Crimson Arc to the Exile Arc, since Blue (the lapis lazuli Ghostbur carries around) can fight Red (in reference to Ponk's lil Red at his casino construction site.)
Dream. The man himself. Pandora's Vault is completed! Finally! Sam shows Dream around, explaining the defensive layers, the red stone contraptions(?), and check out the prison cell suspended above a lake of lava, pretty neat, huh? Dream walks in, surprised when he hears the iron doors clang behind him. What the hell, what's the meaning of this? The SMP members all surround the cell, grave looks on their faces as Dream tries to escape. It's a sad sight, similar to Schlatt's last moments. A lonely leader, surrounded by former friends, a past lover, and hated enemies. They all look at him with pity in their eyes as he utters his last (canon) line, cursing and insulting them to the very end.
Woah that got kinda fanfic-y.

... But that's just a theory, a [REDACTED]
Thanks for making it to the end of the post :] I don't have any posts to link this time! Remember to stay hydrated and to sleep! And to take care of yourselves!!! :]
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Cyberpunk 2077: Game Enhancing Ideas

Hello and welcome to Cyberpunk: Game Enhancing Ideas!
(Includes Spoilers)
CDPR's newest release Cyberpunk 2077 is a breathtaking, immersive, and overall very enjoyable title. Although the game has received criticism recently for a barrage of performance issues throughout the game I have still managed to fall in love with all aspects of my current playthrough. Cyberpunk 2077 has been out for about a week now and I have already completed most map content, story and side missions, and acquired most of the collectables. I have invested well over 60 hours into the Cyberpunk universe on the PS4 and while exploring the vast stretches of the badlands all the way to chaos of Night City I have been taking down some ideas I'd love to see implemented in the future of Cyberpunk!

Disclaimer: I am aware of the current state of the game on last gen consoles and where CDPR is currently focusing their efforts as stated, so these are merely ideas for when new content is being released after the game is in a good state. Also these ideas will not be features that are currently broken in game or not working properly, they will be expansions off current game features and new features. If you have any opinions on the list below please feel free to comment, also what all would you like to see in Cyberpunk 2077? Let me know down below!
Cyberpunk 2077: Game Enhancing Ideas
1.) Expand on the Final Mission!
I enjoyed the story and side missions leading up to the final mission in a way that has brought me to enjoy Cyberpunk the way other great RPG's like Skyrim have done, these kind of titles are few in far between. The relationships you create along your journey through Night City with the NPC's really elevate the whole experience. Since I have completed the main story and side jobs I am now left exploring a world where the great relationships I have made do not seem to matter. Just the same three dialog options for the remaining NPC's. Ultimately I do think this would be a great starting point for future DLC content. For example the Space Casino Heist or Arizona with Panam and the Aldecadoes. The writing behind the NPC's in Cyberpunk is outstanding, it's a shame to see the NPC's resort back to normal civilians with boring dialogue.
2.) Tougher Enemies
Now I am aware you can scale the game up to the current highest difficulty of "Very Hard" which I am currently playing on and I am aware of the concept of "New Game Plus". However I do think that toward mid to end game the enemies you face in the open world do not pose much of a challenge. Even the Cyberpsyco encounters are water under the bridge. Seeing some new more dangerous enemy mechanics and more threatening encounters would really elevate the risk factor in a game like this! The current largest threats I've noticed are the mechs and the occasional miniboss that ultimately feel very weak and drop sub-par rewards.
3.) Events that Respawn/Alter the Map
This concept is for you endgame completionist folks out there like myself who do not enjoy seeing Night City and the Badlands turn soft. Having completed most of the current map of all gigs, NCPD encounters, assualts, cyberpyscos, etc. The map is beginning to feel dead in a way that makes me wish I'd have indulged at a slower rate. This also ties back to the previous point where all the encounters felt fairly easy and unmemorable. There are occasional great encounters/gigs but once completed they are gone for good. In response to this issue I think there should be more encounters on the map, encounters that respawn (maybe new enemies), or even abandon places we've completed turned into new nomad settlements or being used by NPC's for vendor purposes and such. Exploring the Badlands and roleplaying a sniper cowboy out there was really enjoyable for me but now there isn't much left to shoot out there! If you think this sounds crazy, trust me your map will be completed before you know it!
4.) Expanding on the Badlands!
The Badlands and deserted plains in Cyberpunk ended up being where I spent a good chunk of time. The encounters out there all seemed to be more unique and I approached them all with caution and curiosity. For example a group of trailers with minefields and turrets present, or a Wraith stronghold being heavily guarded. The Gigs in the Badlands were unmatched and my true favorite part of the free roam experience. However I noticed that this part of the game began to lose its glory very quickly as I began to complete all of the content out there. I purposely would walk between encounters with my tech sniper out to extend my time out there as opposed to taking a vehicle. To remedy this issue I would like to see CDPR expand on the badlands with more content, maybe refresh older content, add wildlife, or even expand the playable area. The Badland is badass! Please let me live out my long range fantasy with more content!
5.) Wildlife
Now I get it Cyberpunk 2077 is in the dystopian future and wildlife doesn't seem to have a place but I know raccoons, coyotes, and other simple scavenger life like that should be able to exist especially in the badlands region. This would be a small implementation that would be a great change of pace! If CDPR was feeling a bit experimental they could even add hostile wildlife like mountain lions, swarms or wasps/hornets, or even coyote packs! Think Red Dead Redemption
6.) Grappling Cyberware
This one is just self explanatory, it's 2077, Batman's been doing this for years. We can shoot rockets from our hands, mutilate people with Mantis Claws, or punch holes with Gorilla arms but we don't have grappling technology. How?!
7.) Cloaking Cyberware
Again it's 2077 and we do not have invisibility/cloaking cyberware!? You could even make it lesser invisibility by making the NPCs or playable characters show up blurry like in the movie Predator. This doesn't have to be true 100% invisibility but at least somewhat.
8.) Sniper Rifle Breath Holding
A staple in first person shooters, the ability to hold your breath to make a long range shot is necessary for long to mid range engagements. I feel like if anything on this list, this concept should be implemented sooner. The weapon sway of the sniper rifles is insane and taking the shots require me to be scoped in for almost a full minute before I land the hit. Cyberware could be added to expand on this to alter the duration of hold breath or the steadiness.
9.) Weapon, Armor, and Vehicle Customization
How could any list like this be complete without customization options. Customization options add so much to the players in game experience. Not only for the role playing aspect but in game functionality as well. Like that fancy sports car but cant take it off city streets? Don't worry spend those eddies on some off-road modifications. Found a really sweet legendary jacket but it is hot pink? Fine then dye it. Love your new LMG but it only holds 50 in the magazine? Upgrade to that 100 round clip you scavenged off a dead body. Customization options are really important additions to RPG's such as Cyberpunk and would be a great addition in the future if CDPR experimented with them.
10.) Silencers for More Weapons
Now if you couldn't already tell my playthrough was centered around a slow motion tech weapon gunslinger. But playing this build I have three tech weapons slotted so my ability to make stealthy kills goes out the window. It would be great if CDPR introduced mods for tech weaponry so they could be muted like the silencer on your favorite normal pistol. This is a small change but would really open up tons of new gameplay styles!
11.) Map details on Fast Travel Points!
I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've had to exit a fast travel menu so I can waypoint a gun shop or mission across the map. I would love the ability for the fast travel system to have the icons so I could travel without having the previously set a waypoint. Little quality of life addition here!
12.) More Off-road Vehicle Options!
What kind of dystopian future doesn't have nomads riding viciously on dirt bikes through the Badlands? I know one, Cyberpunk 2077. This game could definitely use an expansion to it's off-road options. Maybe start with a dirt bike or maybe a Quad. I shouldn't have to take my 100k eddy street bike out through the desert.
13.) Aerial/ Hovering Vehicle Options!
Now this is a bit of a stretch from the previous point, but do you remember piloting that Basilisk tank? Hovering above any and all obstacles in your way was amazing, but that experience dies after you complete the relative missions. Introduction some vehicles with such capabilities would fit in with the setting of Cyberpunk and definitely would be badass. As for piloting aerial vehicles like helicopters and AV's this is dependent on CDPR's perception of vertical gameplay and how far they would like players to reach.
14.) Weather Conditions
The dust storms in the main story missions were so cool and altered the way the player traversed through the world but like many things this excitement died as soon as those missions were over. Reintroducing the severe storms and other weather anomalies could add a very diverse and enjoyable aspect to free roam. Maybe something like acid rain could hurt the player and make it more beneficial to use the gas masks you find everywhere. Also darker nights outside the city would be cool. There ain't a thing but a busted street lamp surrounded by miles of desert on each side but the game is still illuminated like I'm on Jig Jig street.
15.) Night Vision, Night Vision Scopes, and FLIR.
Cyberpunk is 50+ years in the future but I cannot equip a thermal scope on my futuristic revolver to see an enemy behind a bush? This idea would play very well into the previous idea as well by making night vision capabilities more beneficial in low light environments.
16.) More Weapon Models and Unique Iconic Weapons!
The game has an impressive amount of weapons but aside from certain models they all perform fairly similarly and look similar as well. I currently use the tech revolver Comrades Hammer but this model actually shares the same exact model with another weapon of the same classification. In a game as massive as Cyberpunk I think more weapon models are due, also customization options could definitely help make weapons more unique here as well. Next we have the Iconic weapons. This concept is seen used in may RPG's in the form of exotics or Uniques but in Cyberpunk the Iconic weapons seem to function the exact same way as there base counterparts. This could be expanded on by adding more functionality to the weapons or even outstanding modifications to them like maybe you find an Iconic rifle that is covered in some sort of electric pulsating effect. Just try to make the Iconic gear feel more special. They have done this with the iconic smart pistol "Skippy" and that Iconic outshines most others! They could definitely do it again...
17.) Diverse Weapon Stats
For maximizing an endgame build after all else has been completed on the map I am often in search of materials to build the best versions of my gear possible. (More specifically the weapons because they are more unique). I recently saved up a ton of materials to make several copies of my favorite gun "Comrades Hammer" but I soon realized that even though the game shows stat brackets like for example: Crit Chance (81%-97%), there are not that many possibilities. Instead you might craft 10 of the same gun but there are only two or three different stat options. To expand on this I have noticed that on the weapons they say they have the option to craft stats that they cannot even be crafted in for example lightning damage might be a potential role but you only ever get thermal and physical. I think this aspect of the game has really great endgame potential for min/maxing your build but is limited by it's set amount of possible weapon/armor roles.
18.) Hidden Locations and Delves
Lastly I think Cyberpunk 2077 would benefit from the implementation of more hidden gem locations or random occurrences. Things like a smugglers tunnel with some great encounters throughout and maybe even better loot at the end. Or passage ways in the city that lead to a crime scene that you wouldn't normally stumble across. These spots shouldn't show up on the map but be a treat for players who are exploring the game without navigating around the map. I found myself often roaming around using my map to jump from encounter to encounter which took away a lot of joy from the game, it felt like the only enjoyable content was at the encounter and everything in between was just filler. Some unexpected encounters would spice things up a bit!

Well that's about all I've got at the moment but I am sure there is WAY more ideas that Cyberpunk could benefit from adding in the game. I understand the developers are at the moment looking into improving the current state of the game so these are just ideas for the future. Let me know what you all think down below, share some of your own ideas, maybe one of my ideas seems like trash let me know! Looking forward to any and all contributions! Would be great if this thread takes off and we can get some attention from Developers at CDPR! A man can only dream...

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Why the Duel Arena should be REMOVED. ~Personal Story~

I have played Runescape for 14 years and during my time playing I made a friend. I met him in game only a couple weeks after I discovered the game and we have been friends ever since. We were both around the age of 13 when we met and I've spent countless hours playing online with him. After years of knowing each other I even got the chance to meet him in person in spite of the 2200 kilometer distance between us.
Through the years I watched him progress from a person who played and loved the game, to a person who is heavily addicted to gambling and staking at the arena. He used to spend most of his time bossing and skilling and questing because he loved how it felt when he logged in. Now he spends his time grinding to make money in the most efficient teams all to pay for and sustain his addiction. He spends hours upon hours grinding bosses to make back the billions of gp he gambled away all to do it over again.
He goes through periods where he is happy and feels like he has conquered his addiction just to fall back into the depression and pit that is the arena. He is depressed for month after while trying to grind his way back up. I have seen him go from having a 15b or more bank to zero in just hours and I've seen the impact it has on not just him but his family at home as well. He has spent thousands of dollars of real life money to buy back his bank in game multiple times.
The arena and the in game gambling system has not only had an impact on him in the virtual world but has heavily impacted his life outside the game. He went through his savings and spent money he didn't have putting himself in a hole to feed his addiction. His family has tried to get him to see a councilor for his addiction and have had to deal with some very scary situations that I will not divulge on here. It has had a heavy negative impact on his life and he has said while crying how he wishes he had the strength to stop himself but that he just can't no matter how hard he tries.
This is what the arena is outside of the pixels. This is what kind of impact it has on players outside the game. The person who I grew up speaking to nearly every day went from being a happy and cheerful person to being depressed and devastated.
This is what the arena promotes. Jagex has acknowledged the problem but continues to do nothing and the reason why is simple.
Jagex does not want to get rid of the arena because the people who are hopelessly addicted to staking resort to buying bonds to replace the gp they lost to continue their addiction. In no way should Runescape be a place of gambling and function as a casino. The game should not promote this kind of behavior but it has and continues to because the company profits from these addictions.
The company denied that its game functions as a gambling mechanism in court by claiming that the money in game cannot be sold legitimately for real life value and that people could only buy bonds for in game currency but this does not change the fact that is has devastated the lives of many people including minors who should never be addicted to gambling but are due to this mechanic in their game.
Today I could do nothing but sit and watch as he repeated that cycle again. I tried to convince him that it's not worth it and tried to talk him into leaving the arena, but in the end all I could was watch as my friend spiraled down the same path again.
Please remove gambling from this game. It does not belong and ruins lives outside of what we see in the game.
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[USA] [H] Games for Nintendo and Sony systems, Nintendo Powers, Strategy Guides, collectibles [W] Kirby's Dream Land 2 CIB, Mario Party 2 box, Etrian Odyssey Nexus cart, more games in list

Looking to trade! I have over 100 confirmed trades :) Right now I am mostly looking for the wants I have listed below, especially the high priority stuff, but I may be open to offers. Just please do not be offended if I say no!
p.s. "CIB" means complete, as in including all the booklets and such that were supposed to come in there, otherwise I will clarify what is included. "NIB" means New In Box, aka sealed, "brand new," in the shrink, etc.
p.p.s. If we are going to trade, all I ask is please be honest about the condition of your items. I can provide pictures for anything I have, please be willing to do the same! Thanks!


Mini Consoles
N64 games
N64 booklets
3DS consoles, games, accessories
3DS boxes and manuals (no games)
DS console, games and accessories
DS boxes and manuals (no games)
GBA games and videos
GBC games and more
GB games and more
GB manuals (no games)
Wii U games and packaging
Wii games and accessories
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Also if you've read this far, I recently started an Instagram dedicated to video game collecting and would love to connect with others! My username is chillcollector.
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NIAGARA FALLS: Spectacular FALLSVIEW 💰🏨 Casino and Resort ... Fallsview Casino Resort One King Bed Suite with ... Fallsview Casino Resort / Niagara Falls Tour - YouTube Fall at Coushatta Casino Resort - YouTube Fallsview Casino Resort Hotel Room Niagara Falls Ontario ... Fallsview Casino Resort Lobby - YouTube Room Tour Seneca Casino & Resort Niagara Falls, NY - YouTube An Evening Stroll & Niagara Fallsview Casino & Resort

The Falls Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort ® was designed by Rees Jones, a designer of more than 100 golf courses worldwide. Jones' courses have hosted 15 major championships, five Ryder Cups, two Walker Cups and one Presidents Cup. Spanning over 7,100 yards, Grand Falls' world-class golf course offers panoramic views of the pastoral countryside and includes a 30-foot waterfall that flows ... Get in on the excitement at Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort! Enjoy our 200,000 sq. ft. gaming floor, world-class dining & entertainment, all while overlooking the Falls. Check into real luxury at the Fallsview Casino Resort Hotel. Perched high above the thundering waters of Niagara Falls, each of our 374 luxury rooms and suites were specially designed to provide breathtaking views of one of the natural wonders of the world, the vibrant city of Niagara Falls or both. Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort, Larchwood: See 208 traveler reviews, 44 candid photos, and great deals for Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort, ranked #1 of 1 hotel in Larchwood and rated 3.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. The Fallsview Casino Resort overlooks the world famous Horseshoe Falls and is the largest at 2.5 million square feet, the most elegant gaming resort facility in Canada. The Resort is also the location of the Avalon Ballroom Theatre, where guests can enjoy legendary shows in an intimate, state-of-the-art venue, shopping boutiques, and a variety of great restaurants including the Grand Buffet ... Book Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls on Tripadvisor: See 1,023 traveler reviews, 519 candid photos, and great deals for Fallsview Casino Resort, ranked #19 of 124 hotels in Niagara Falls and rated 4 of 5 at Tripadvisor. Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort® is like no other destination in the tri-state region. The resort, just minutes from Sioux Falls, is loaded with exciting gaming, three restaurants, luxurious hotel rooms, top-notch live entertainment, a relaxing spa, two pools, shopping, and more. This Niagara Falls casino is the crown jewel in Niagara's stunning array of wonders, Fallsview offers a world-class casino with over 3,000 slot machines, 130 gaming tables. The resort also features a 374-room luxury hotel, full service spa and fitness centre, dozens of shops and restaurants, an intimate 1,500-seat state-of-the-art entertainment venue and over 30,000 square feet of meeting and ...

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NIAGARA FALLS: Spectacular FALLSVIEW 💰🏨 Casino and Resort ...

Fallsview Casino Resort Hotel Room Niagara Falls Ontario Canada - Duration: 9:18. The World Of Mike 3,360 views. 9:18 . WHAT I SAW AT NIAGARA FALLS CANADA FALLSVIEW CASINO - Duration: 5:22. JEFF ... My tour around Niagara Falls Ontario, featuring Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls, Clifton Hill, and more..... Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls, Canada. Niagara Falls, Ontario, is a Canadian city at the famous waterfalls of the same name, linked with the U.S. by... Fall at Coushatta Casino Resort Fallsview Casino Resort One King Bed Suite with Unobstructed Falls View Room 2216 Fallsview Casino Resort Hotel Room Niagara Falls Ontario Canada June 9th, 2018 staying until June 12th, 2018 in Seneca Casino & Resort Niagara Falls, NY. Beautiful view out our window. You can see the mist of the Niagara ... An early morning tour around the Fallsview Casino Resort lobby in Niagara Falls Ontario on June 11 2017