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Gila River Indian Casinos of Arizona Refused to Send me Tax Forms, I must have a case here, right???

Note: I record all my phone calls, the phone call mentioned below was recorded. This happened 6 months ago or so, I just thought to bring it up to Reddit now though.
Background: I called Wildhorse Pass Resort and Casino to request tax forms. I called several times and never got through, so I finally left a message saying that I needed them to send me my tax form for a slot machine win that I had. I had emailed them too. After more than a month I never heard anything back, so I called and insisted I talk to a manager, they transferred me and of course it was voicemail. So I left a message, clearly irritated. A few days later a manager calls me (all recorded) and we talk, he is being a jerk clearly but that isn't the case... The case is that he tells me they WILL NOT send me the tax form, that I HAVE TO come in in-person to pick it up. I tell him that's ridiculous, I've had other casinos mail me the tax forms... he continues to tell me they will not mail it and he is taking joy in saying it. So I ask him something along the lines of - "you run a resort destination casino, do you make people form Alaska pick up tax forms in person?" - he thinks about it for a second and tells me something along the lines of "what we do with other guests is not your business, we will not mail YOU your tax forms". I can tell where the convo was going from there, I pressed a little, but dropped the convo.
QUESTION: Doesn't this HAVE TO BE some sort of tax/gaming law violation?
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Lines form, crowd cheers for reopening of Arizona casino Friday

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Lines form, crowd cheers for reopening of Arizona casino Friday

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[National] - Arizona tribal police officer killed while responding to reports of ‘shots fired’ near casino, sheriff says

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[National] - Arizona tribal police officer killed while responding to reports of ‘shots fired’ near casino, sheriff says | FOX

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Arizona tribal police officer killed while responding to reports of ‘shots fired’ near casino, sheriff says

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Arizona tribal police officer killed while responding to reports of ‘shots fired’ near casino, sheriff says

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Play Casino Games at the Best Resorts of USA - Best Resorts USA Resorts Arizona Charlie's Tropicana Laughlin The Aquarius Casino

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Lost in the Sauce: Barr's DOJ shut down investigations of Trump and admin officials

Welcome to Lost in the Sauce, keeping you caught up on political and legal news that often gets buried in distractions and theater… or a global health crisis.


On Saturday, Trump announced on Twitter that he has put his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani in charge of his campaign's long-shot post-election legal challenges. Other people on the team include Joseph diGenova, Victoria Toensing, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis.
  • Giuliani worked with a Russian agent to smear Biden. diGenova and Toensing tried to get the Justice Department to drop charges against corrupt Ukraine oligarch Dmytro Firtash. Powell represents Michael Flynn and champions "deep state" conspiracies. Ellis said gay marriage leads to pedophilia.
NYT: Mr. Trump turned to Mr. Giuliani earlier on Friday in reaction to the latest setback he faced in court, this one relating to votes in Maricopa County, Arizona… A half-dozen other Trump advisers have described Mr. Giuliani’s efforts as counterproductive and said that he was giving the president unwarranted optimism about what could happen… In an Oval Office meeting with aides on Thursday, Mr. Trump put Mr. Giuliani on speakerphone so the others could hear him. He angrily accused the aides of not telling the president the truth
Giuliani’s conspiracy-riddled rant at Four Seasons Total Landscaping was so disastrous that it “scared off many of the lawyers” recruited to argue election-related lawsuits. Politico: “Campaign officials described the episode as disastrous...there are widespread concerns within Trumpworld and GOP circles that Giuliani’s antics are thwarting the president’s legal machinery from within.”
Two major law firms have withdrawn from Trump campaign cases as his legal challenges crumble. Arizona’s largest law firm Snell & Wilmer dumped the RNC and Trump campaign effort to challenge votes in Maricopa County. Porter Wright Morris & Arthur is abandoning Trump’s attempt to block Pennsylvania's popular vote for Joe Biden.
  • In one day (Friday), nine cases meant to attack President-elect Joe Biden's win in key states were denied or dropped - seven in Pennsylvania, one in Arizona, and one in Michigan.
The new federal chief information security officer, Camilo Sandoval, has already taken leave from his day job to participate in a pro-Trump effort to hunt for evidence of voter fraud in the battleground states. The group, Voter Integrity Fund, is a newly formed Virginia-based group that is analyzing ballot data and cold-calling voters. Sandoval was officially appointed on Nov. 4, 2020, but lists his starting date at October on his personal LinkedIn page.
WaPo: Sandoval is part of a hastily convened team led by Matthew Braynard, a data specialist who worked on Trump’s 2016 campaign. Another participant is Thomas Baptiste, an adviser to the deputy secretary of the Interior Department who also took a leave to work on the project. Braynard said in an interview that several other government officials on leave are also assisting the effort, but he declined to identify them.
Media’s role:
  • Facebook Cut Traffic To Leading Liberal Pages Just Before The Election: Liberal page administrators who spoke with BuzzFeed News said that their reach declined by as much as 70%, and still hasn’t recovered.
  • Facebook Live Spread Election Conspiracies And Russian State-Controlled Content Despite Employee Fears: The social network’s live video tool has recommended videos featuring misinformation and the hyperpartisan views of Trump allies leading up to and following election day in the US.
  • In the week after the election, Trump’s postings dominated Facebook, accounting for the 10 most engaged status updates in the United States, and 22 of the top 25. “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!” was his top post.
  • YouTube Is Doing Very Little to Stop Election Misinformation From Spreading
  • Social media app Parler receives financial backing from conservative hedge-fund investor Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah, The Wall Street Journal reported. Parler turned into a kind of de facto home for conservatives’ protests against the election— including the persistent “Stop the Steal” campaign— after the race was called for former Vice President Joe Biden. Several high-profile conservative social media personalities encouraged people to abandon Twitter and Facebook because of their moderation policies, and instead follow them on Parler.


Emily Murphy, the head of the General Services Administration, still hasn’t signed the official letter that would allow the incoming Biden team to formally begin the transition. House Democrats are assessing options to force the GSA’s hand, which could include summoning Murphy to the Hill to testify or suing her. “Obviously, Congress could file suit against the GSA administrator for failing to do her duty. We could seek to get a court to, in fact, issue an order
Her ascertainment is the legally necessary precursor to the government’s assistance to the Biden-Harris Presidential Transition Team. It releases $6.3 million dollars to the team, which is funded by public and private money; a loan of expanded federal office space and equipment; access to government agencies that will begin sharing information and records about ongoing activities, plans and vulnerabilities; national security briefings for the president; and other support.
  • The Office of the Director of National Intelligence recently confirmed that it is not providing national security briefings to the president-elect. The Defense Department has also reportedly indicated that it will not meet with the Biden-Harris transition team until Murphy formally affirms the apparent winner.
One of the officials fired in Trump’s latest purge was helping prepare for the transition to the new administration. USAID Deputy Administrator Bonnie Glick was removed abruptly to make way for a Trump loyalist after she had been supportive of transition planning, including the preparation of a 440-page manual for the next administration.
The GSA’s refusal to enact the transition has locked Biden’s team out of crucial Covid-19 pandemic data and government agency contacts. The president-elect’s Covid-19 task force has been trying to work around the federal government by connecting with governors and the health community.
  • The head of Operation Warp Speed, Moncef Slaoui, called on the White House to allow contact with the Biden team, saying “It is a matter of life and death for thousands of people.”
White House’s Office of Management and Budget is considering 145 new regulations and other policy changes they could enact before Biden’s inauguration - rules that will be challenging to undo once they are finalized. Critics and supporters of the administration say they expect a final burst of regulations to be finalized in the weeks before Jan. 20.
The rules under development include policies that the incoming Biden administration would probably oppose, such as new caps on the length of foreign student visas; restrictions on the Environmental Protection Agency’s use of scientific research; limits on the EPA’s consideration of the benefits of regulating air pollutants; and a change that would make it easier for companies to treat workers as independent contractors, rather than employees with more robust wage protections.
Last week, both Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said they’re preparing for a second Trump term. “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration,” Pompeo said during a news conference Tuesday afternoon (clip). Pompeo then doubled down on Fox News (clip). “We are moving forward here at the White House under the assumption there will be a second Trump term,” Navarro said on Fox Business Friday (clip).

DOJ interference

Attorney General William Barr stopped career prosecutors in DOJ’s Public Integrity Section from investigating whether President Trump broke any laws related to his conduct with Ukraine last year. The section was initially given the green light to pursue “a potentially explosive inquiry” into Trump, but after the Senate acquitted the president during impeachment proceedings, Barr sent the case to the U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn.
Prosecutors in DOJ’s Public Integrity Section were also prevented from bringing charges against former interior secretary Ryan Zinke by political appointees atop the Justice Department. Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen told prosecutors that they needed to gather more evidence and refine the case against Zinke for lying to Interior investigators.
  • The investigation into Zinke stemmed from his decision to block two Native American tribes—the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan—from opening a casino in Connecticut. Zinke’s office had been lobbied heavily by MGM Resorts International, which had been planning to open its own casino very close to where the tribes intended to break ground.
Sixteen assistant U.S. attorneys specially assigned to monitor malfeasance in the 2020 election urged Barr on Friday to rescind his memo allowing election-fraud investigations before results are certified. "It was developed and announced without consulting non-partisan career professionals in the field and at the Department. Finally, the timing of the Memorandum's release thrusts career prosecutors into partisan politics," the prosecutors wrote.
An internal Justice Department investigation found that federal prosecutors who oversaw a controversial non-prosecution deal with Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 exercised “poor judgment” but did not break the law. “They just say he used poor judgment, and that's their way of basically letting everyone off the hook while offering some sort of an olive branch to the victims that we acknowledge weren't treated perfectly,” said Brad Edwards, who sued the DOJ in 2008 on behalf of Epstein accusers.

Immigration news

Eastern District of New York Judge Nicholas Garaufis (Clinton-appointee) ruled that Chad Wolf was not legally serving as acting Homeland Security secretary when he signed rules limiting DACA program applications and renewals. Therefore, in a win for Dreamers and immigration activists, Garaufis said the changes were invalid.
The judge described an illegitimate shuffling of leadership chairs at the Department of Homeland Security, the agency responsible for immigration enforcement, for the predicament of Wolf's leadership and that of his predecessor, Kevin McAleenan.
"Based on the plain text of the operative order of succession," Garaufis wrote in the Saturday ruling, "neither Mr. McAleenan nor, in turn, Mr. Wolf, possessed statutory authority to serve as Acting Secretary. Therefore the Wolf Memorandum was not an exercise of legal authority."
  • There's a renewed push to get Chad Wolf confirmed as Homeland Security secretary -- a position in which he's been serving in an acting capacity for a yearr -- before Inauguration Day. In the past week, Homeland Security officials spoke to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office about bringing the nomination to a floor vote in the coming weeks.
Within the last six months, as the coronavirus pandemic gripped the US, the Trump administration filed 75 lawsuits to seize private land along the US-Mexico border for the border wall." People right now are having to choose between their health and their homes," said Ricky Garza, a staff attorney at the Texas Civil Rights Project, a legal advocacy group.
After a series of price increases, Trump’s border project will cost taxpayers $20 million per mile of border fence. A review of federal spending data shows more than 200 contract modifications, at times awarded within just weeks or months after the original contracts, have increased the cost of the border wall project by billions of dollars since late 2017.
DHS has expelled unaccompanied immigrant children from the US border more than 13,000 times since March, using the coronavirus as an excuse to deny children their right to asylum. Previously, unaccompanied children were sent to government-run shelters as they attempted to pursue their asylum cases.
Migrant children from Central America are being expelled to Mexico, where they have no family connections. The expulsions not only put children in danger - the policy violates a diplomatic agreement with Mexico that only Mexican children and others who had adult supervision could be pushed back into Mexico after attempting to cross the border.
The House Judiciary Committee released a report on the Trump administration’s policy of separating families at the border, revealing that the federal agency that cares for migrant children was not told about the policy. The chaos contributed to the inability to later reunite parents and children.
The Trump administration is trying to deport several women who allege they were mistreated by a Georgia gynecologist at an immigration detention center. Hours after one detained woman spoke to federal investigators about forced hysterectomies at a Georgia detention center, she said ICE told her that it had lifted a hold on her deportation and she faced “imminent” removal. Six former patients who complained about Dr. Mahendra Amin had already been deported.
Northern District of Illinois Judge Gary Feinerman (Obama-appointee) blocked a key Trump administration policy that allowed officials to deny green cards to immigrants who might need public assistance Advocates who had feared that the policy would harm tens of thousands of poor people, particularly those affected by widespread job loss because of the coronavirus pandemic.


Microsoft said it has detected attempts by state-backed Russian and North Korean hackers to steal valuable data from leading pharmaceutical companies and vaccine researchers. “Among the targets, the majority are vaccine makers that have COVID-19 vaccines in various stages of clinical trials.”
Two census takers told The AP that their supervisors pressured them to enter false information into a computer system about homes they had not visited so they could close cases during the waning days of the once-a-decade national headcount.
The Supreme Court on Tuesday signaled it’s unlikely to tear down Obamacare over a Republican-backed lawsuit challenging the landmark health care law. Chief Justice John Roberts and Trump appointee Justice Brett Kavanaugh strongly questioned whether the elimination of the mandate penalty made the rest of the law invalid. Kavanaugh appeared to signal on several occasions that he favored leaving the rest of the law intact if the mandate is struck.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) was sued last week by four whistleblowers claiming that he abused his office to benefit himself, a woman with whom he was said to have had an affair, and the wealthy donor who employs her before retaliating against the members of his staff who reported him to the FBI.
The Trump administration is rushing plans to auction drilling rights in the U.S. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge before the inauguration of Biden, who has vowed to block oil exploration in the rugged Alaska wilderness. Biden’s efforts could be complicated if the Trump administration sells drilling rights first. Formally issued oil and gas leases on federal land are government contracts that can’t be easily yanked.
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Simple Lore comparison of both the NCR's and Legion's currency

NCR 5 dollar bill is only worth 2 caps
Legion silver Denarius is worth 4 caps
That's 2 more of the base value of what the NCR 5 dollar bill can afford. Now lets check the highest.
NCR 100 dollar bill is only worth 40 caps.
Legion gold Aureus is worth 100 caps.
That's 60 more of the base value of what the NCR 100 dollar bill can afford.
Unlike Legion currency however, the NCR has a third denomination of a 20 dollar bill which is worth 8 caps. Still, the ceilings of both of their highest currencies available to the markets edges in favor of the Legion over the NCR dollar with the Aureus having a higher purchasing power in regards to commercial activity.
[By 2281, the NCR dollar is valued at about 40% of a water-backed cap[6] and only 10% of a silver Legion Denarius.](https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/NCR_dollars)
[Legion currency](https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Legion_Denarius)
[NCR currency](https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/NCR_dollars)
Dialogue points from merchant or merchant adjunct entities to substantiate probable currency values decided by the Wasteland market;
>Dale Barton: "Hell, I don't even need to travel with guards most of the time in Legion territory. All the bandits are dead or run off."

>Dale Barton: "Between having to hire protection and getting slapped with taxes, it's more profitable to stick to Arizona and New Mexico."

>Rose Sharon of Cassidy: "Some caravans deal with the Legion now because the security. If towns could get the same protection? A lot more tempting than you'd think. Bunch of people would be willing to side with the Legion to not have to worry about Fiends and Boomers and Powder Ganger attacks."

>The Courier: "You don't get paid in Caps?"
>Chomp Lewis: "Nope. The NCR's been trying to switch over to using paper money, like in the Pre-War days. Trouble is that the exchange rates ain't exactly fair. For example, a hundred bucks in NCR money is valued at roughly half that in caps around here. Seems like a rotten deal for us, but work is work."

>The Courier: "What can you tell me about New Vegas?"
>Chomp Lewis: "I've been there once, and I don't recommend it. It's just a way to burn through a month's pay in five minutes*. I've seen a lot of folks come through here thinking they'll have the easy life once they get there. It never happens."*
From one of the developers:
>J.E Sawyer: "And this is discussed in-game: BoS raided NCR's gold reserves until NCR could no longer generate gold coinage nor back their paper money. They abandoned the gold standard and established fiat currency, which is why its value is inflated over both caps and (especially) Legion coinage. (...) People in eastern NCR and the Mojave Wasteland lost faith in the NCR government's a) ability to back the listed value of paper money and b) stability overall. If you're living in Bakersfield, staring at a piece of paper that says "redeemable for value in gold" and you have no faith in the government's ability or willingness to do that -- or if you see that the government has changed the currency to say that it is not able to be exchanged for a backed good -- you may very well listen to the strong consortium of local merchants offering to exchange that paper note for currency backed by water."

The Tops Vegas Casino exchange rates for in-house playing Chips;
Note: With a double check, all the Casino cashiers in Vegas have the same exchange dialogue, barring the type of greeting they give depending on the chosen locale. That means the exchange rates for all Vegas Casinos are standardized and consistent.
2 chips for 5$ NCR
8 chips for 20$ NCR
40 chips for 40$ NCR
4 chips for 1 Legion Denarius
20 chips for 5 Legion Denarii
40 chips for 10 Legion Denarii
80 chips for 20 Legion Denarii
100 chips for 1 Legion Aureus or 25 Legion Denarii

Source: Geck dialogue files, vDialogueCasinoCashier; Topics
EDIT: To even nip this in the butt further, some comments here say that Precious Commodities don't have intrinsic value. If that is the case in regards to the NCR being discussed here, why by the time of FO2 was the lowest denominator of their currency, 1$ dollar, was in Gold Coins?

$1 NCR - The Fallout Wiki (fandom.com)

The NCR never or had any contingencies to shore-up their currency to a fiat one at all if the most basic unit of their internal monetary exchange was Gold Coins. If that were the case they would've had pure paper money to begin with without these Coins being in circulation in Fallout 2; with all Gold being in their reserve purely being for backing only, but this isn't the case as we observe.
With the absence of their most basic unit of exchange being gone and the 5$ paper note being demoted to the new basic unit of their currency, that's a huge amount of unaccounted inflation off the bat; inflation they could've never prepared for since they valued Gold enough as a natural unit of exchange at such a base level to be circulated. They didn't expect the BoS to hit them that hard or anyone to do so with their perceived control of their core territory; nevermind the facts that its very unstable and unlucrative to deal in with raiders they can't hunt down with lack of dedicated manpower and poll taxes.

Precious vs Fiat currencies have staunch differences that can't be reconciled in the context of the Fallout universe and a general post-apocalypse. Precious Commodities are backed by simple human consensus of its natural properties being of worth and desirable for a monetary unit of exchange.
These can be traded and exchanged easily with a readily agreed upon value along with Caps because they are accepted by almost every post-war Tribal group, Wasteland settlement, independent Traders, and most other polities across America. Its supply is also naturally in nature, not manufactured artificially with Fiat money note printing.
(In the Fallout series, we see some form of international travel is still somewhat possible with characters such as Alistar Tenpenny and in Fallout 4 with multiple characters from other continents. Take Gold from the US and bring it to the British Isles, it will still have ready value no matter what. Take simple Fiat bank notes of a faction in the US to say, the Fallout version of West Africa. It would absolutely have no value because the issuer of that tender back in North America literally has no economic influence to back its money in this region miles away; there is no Demand or recognition for it. Conversely with Gold taken from North America and traveling to Fallout West Africa, it has tradeable value no matter what because Gold is a natural unit of exchange from its recognized natural value by humans.)
Fiat currency is only as strong as a nation-state can legitimize and maintain it. The only Fiat currency at the time of New Vegas taking place is NCR currency, which is doing badly from the aforementioned factors of the top of this post. The NCR IS a nation of some sort, but it isn't in the league of pre-war society statehoodship.
It doesn't have the financial instruments or development of robust monetary institutions to handle Fiat when they've have been on a Gold economy all this time and the value of the NCR dollar has plummeted due to lack of Demand with its sudden absence. The only reason why the NCR dollar had high worthiness was due to the inherent value of Gold they had on reserve in a post-apocalyptic society that has an extremely high assessment of value it.
With the Gold-backed era of the NCR (supported in FO2 with Gold Coins directly in circulation and being exchanged), Caps were practically worthless in the NCR territory as comments here note. Now with Gold out of the equation as we can observe with direct evidence, the highest focal point of NCR currency isn't even worth 40% of Cap currency by the end of the NCR-BoS war.
Double Edit: The whole reason why the resource wars in the Fallout universe happened because the main natural mineral resource, Oil, was almost all depleted entirely- in an international society where almost all the pre-war Nations were Oil based economies. Without Oil we see in numerous cases in Fallout in the post-war landscape with products with exorbitant prices due to rampart inflation with money that had no value.
[This](https://www.reddit.com/Fallout/comments/3x9cqj/how_inflated_was_the_prewar_economy_some_of_the/cy348gl?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) comment here from 4 years ago from the main Fallout subreddit goes into the context of the universe.
In the very intro of the first Fallout game, we see on the TV in the ruined building that is still running- a common non-luxury car is worth 200,000 dollars.
Regular Gas in pre-war Fallout America was 1450.99$
Premium Gas was 8500.99$
To note, America was only one of the nations still with a minutiae of Oil left, but here are the prices.
Source: [Gas Prices](latest (293×291) (nocookie.net))
The Mechanical Pony toy seen in Fallout 3 costs 16,000$.
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I Was Duped By Trump & Spread Pro-MAGA Conspiracies

[Full Disclosure: I posted this in /Confessions but it was immediately taken down. Probably due to a few keywords used below]
Let me start off by saying that I was never really into Politics before Trump vs Clinton. I voted in the election before it but it wasn't something that consumed more than a few day's thoughts. I guess you could say I was mostly apathetic about US Politics, thinking there was little anyone could do to influence the people in power that were power-hungry sociopaths lying and swindling their way into gaining more power. Then Trump came along in 2015 and when the GOP candidates used every trick in their Republican handbook to take him down, he didn't play by their rules. He said what every person was screaming at their tv. Jeb was weak, Cruz was a liar, and the real billionaires were all crooks.
It felt good to hear politicians be put in their places on live television in front of millions. They laughed at him as he moved past them in every debate. Then Hillary stole the primary from Bernie because it was "her turn", which again fueled the flames. Hillary was one of the most hated politicians in recent history, and for Trump to nail his "yeah, cause you'd be in jail" line, it again felt good.
Leading up to the election, every poll showed Trump losing by a landslide. Some projected he had a less than 10% chance of winning. When I sat in the voting booth, I didn't give it a second thought. I immediately marked by vote for Trump as a F*$K You to the system. "These are the two options you give us to lead one of the most successful empires the world has ever seen?" I thought. Later that night, I tuned in as the results starting coming in expecting Hillary to win by a decent lead. Before I knew it, Trump started closing in on battleground states, making it almost a close race. My friends and co-workers started texting me, asking if I was seeing this. "Can you imagine if Donald Trump actually won?"
And then it happened. Donald Trump was declared the 45th President of the United States. I was in shock. A failed casino and real estate mogul turned reality show host, actually convinced enough people to stick it to the man, and throw away your vote on him. He will now be the most powerful person in the world. It was both an extremely unnerving feeling, but it also felt like the underdog did it. Hillary dedicated her whole life to swindling her way to the Super Bowl, and fell on the one yard line with no time left.
A few weeks later, Trump's cabinet members were being appointed and the mainstream news starting blasting him for his selections. He was supposed to drain the swamp, and instead of filling it with the people that worked their whole lives to even be considered for that position, he filled them with people within his network. People that would be loyal to him no matter what. This should have been the first sign to me that he was headed down a very dangerous path. A path that our forefathers tried to warn us about. But I didn't see it that way. Again, I thought "well, I guess it's better than the people Hillary would have chosen."
As the years went by, I started ignoring all the negative things Trump said and did and following news sources that aligned with my views. "Yeah, he's not the best President we've ever had but the MSM is out to get him. Obama built the cages that Trump was accused of putting immigrant kids into. Trump's economy is the strongest we've ever seen. The stock market is up and black unemployment is at the lowest we've ever seen. Trump is making peace deals left and right, and no one will cover it."
Inch by inch, I started taking shelter in my echo chamber. To the point where I started to believe that there is a deep state that is trying to take him down because he's not going along with the elitist plans. No one could tell him what to do, he has always played by his own rules. Therefore the majority of politicians were trying to take him down with the help of social media censorship left wing narratives.
This last November, I stepped into the voting booth one more time with my mask covering my face, making sure I was at least 6 feet from everyone else, making sure not to touch anything around me. I once again, marked my vote for Donald Trump to fight against a system that Biden would proactively try to reverse. The election results started flooding in and it looked like he was on his way to win his second term.
Then the voting paused for the night and I woke up to Trump slowly losing every battleground state he had a strong lead in when I went to sleep. These last few weeks were some of my darkest days diving into conspiracy theories. "Dominion machines were being altered by outside influences, Republican poll watchers were not allowed to observe, secret tubs of ballots were being trucked in, dead people were all voting for Biden and not one court would listen to the thousands of affidavits saying they saw illegal activity."
Every day members of my friends and family would send me texts and dm's with more "proof" that the dem's stole the election and I just bought it. At first I questioned it, but my echo chamber sent me an overwhelming amount of articles and posts from patriotic websites and social media accounts that I have never heard of before, and I just chose to believe it. They kept telling me that it was going to get to the supreme court and his justices would side with him, or Congress was going to deny the electors, or Pence was going to decide for Congress. Every day it seemed like he had another out to catch them in their lies.
January 6th came and I couldn't wait to see if Congress would deny the states needed to certify this election. The members of the House and Senate went into their chambers to plead their case for the integrity of Arizona. I looked at my phone and saw a notification "Protestors have just broke through the barriers of the Capitol and are now inside the building." It seemed dangerous, but maybe it was enough to show members of Congress that they had a very important decision to make in order to uphold the integrity of our election. I turned on a live feed of protestors inside and outside the capitol to see what they were up to. I couldn't believe it, protestors actually made it into the chambers and were sitting in Pelosi's desk. It felt like a movie. The next thing I see on the live feed is a guy with blood on his hands and the lady filming asked him what happened and he seemed to be in shock. He said that a lady right next to him was shot in the neck and she looked to be in bad condition.
It was at that point I realized that this wasn't a group of pro-Trump protestors but actual domestic terrorists. They sieged the building that represents the backbone of our democracy. These weren't patriots fighting red coats. They were vikings, pot-bellied hillbillies and toothless savages. There was even a guy that was wearing a sweatshirt that said "Camp Auschwitz". I mean, where did you even buy Aushwitz merch from?? It suddenly dawned on me that these weren't freedom fighters, these were uneducated idiots that actually believed that COVID doesn't exist, and that the Supreme Court Justices all have black mail video evidence being held against them.
Then I got really scared. If these lunatics actually belief the most outrageous conspiracy theories, they might actually believe they are fighting to save this country. Which means that they could have weapons and explosives to take down everyone with them. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
It was later reported that the woman shot in the neck had passed. I kept thinking about her and feeling bad. I assumed she was caught in the line of fire while trying to protest the electors. I woke up the next day and there was enough time for the internet detectives to find everything out about her. She uploaded videos where she was outraged at the deep state for taking over our country and that she was fighting for QANON. Then I saw another angle of the video where she was shot. She wasn't caught in the line of fire, she was actively trying to break into the chamber after officers had warned multiple times that they would shoot.
I'm ashamed to say that it took me way too long to realize that I had been bamboozled. I was siding with the lowest of lows and through the manipulation of social media and alt-right news networks, I fell for it all. If you would have asked me on January 5th, would you be in favor of Pence or Congress doing anything they can to keep Trump in power, I would have said Yes. On January 7th, it felt like a veil had been lifted. I no longer supported Trump or any of his counterparts. I used to be completely against the censoring of any social media in order to protect freedom of speech. Now, I fully favor Facebook and Instagram banning Trump and I hope Twitter follows suit.
Donald Trump literally summoned his supporters to DC, riled them all up with lies and demanded they take back the Capitol. And of course they did it, because the most powerful man in the world told them to. He brought reason to their low lives and they would have done anything for him.
Later that night a family member was sending me posts that "proved" the rioters were antifa, disguised as Trump Supporters. It didn't take me more than 2 minutes to research that that was a lie. I was done. I no longer have the time or desire to research every piece of "proof" that someone sends, trying to convince me that we live in a deep state world. If these elites were actually stronger and wiser than all of us, how did a shirtless Viking break into one of the most guarded buildings, in one of the most heavily policed districts, and casually take selfies in the seat of the 3rd most powerful person in the United States government
I would fully favor impeaching Trump tonight, and banning him from all communication outlets if I didn't think the crazies would attempt another attack. Now, I wish that he just fades away and is never seen of again. The damage is done, we cannot go back.
I don't expect anyone to read all of this, I just thought it would be therapeutic to write down my experience. If you did somehow read all of this, I'd like to offer an apology, although Im sure most would think it's too late for apologies. I never sent donations or purchased merch, or attended any rallies but I also never questioned any of the conspiracies that my friends and family sent (and ones that I would send to them). I can't take back my votes for the worst President in my lifetime, but I can assure you that at least one member of MAGA has left the party and will from this point on proactively try to unite this nation however possible that may be.
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I was going to post a map of the locations (in North America) all the major demigods are from (that are known) but I can't so instead I'm going to list them out

--PJO Half Blood gang-- Percy- Manhattan, New York (duh)
Annabeth- Richmond, Virginia and later San Francisco
Luke- Westport, Connecticut
Thalia- Pasadena, California
Clarisse- Phoenix, Arizona
Will Solace- Austin, Texas
Nico (& Bianca)- born in Venice, very temporary moved to a hotel in Washington D.C., and then stuck in Las Vegas for for 70 years in the Lotus Hotel and Casino
--Camp Jupiter crew--
Jason- born in Pasadena before getting yeeted out of the house and then raised by Lupa in the Wolfs House, which is in Glen Ellen, north of San Francisco by 1 hour and 46 minutes according to maps
Piper- Malibu, and also visited Tahlequah where her dad was from with decent frequency
Leo (best boy)- Houston, Texas
Hazel- New Orleans before getting owned and also owning the island in Seward, Alaska where she was forced to raise Alcyoneus
Frank(other best boy)- Vancouver, British Columbia
Reyna- San Juan, Puerto Rico before landing in C.C.s Spa and Resort, then obviously becoming the judge jury and executioner of Camp Jupiter
(It's not explicitly stated that he's from San Fran but worst boy Octavian is said to he from a long line of Camp Jupiter attendees)
Never realized before looking into this basically all of them are from the Northeast, the region surrounding Texas, or the West Coast minus Clarisse who's chillin' in mega hot world
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(28m) I'm going through a divorce and I have an opportunity to move to Arizona. I currently live in Oklahoma. I have a lot of experience working in casinos. I am currently a floor manager and have worked in almost every department. The would happen in roughly 8 months.

How soon is to soon to start putting out resumes? Me and my ex don't have kids and the divorce should be very straight forward. I'm not even sure I want to move but I don't want the deadline for the move to come up and for me to not be prepared if I do end up wanting to move. Any advice is welcome and I'll answer any questions if I left out any important information.
Edit #1: the move would happen in roughly 8 months
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I was the doppleganger

I worked at a tattoo shop in Arizona, across the river from Laughlin NV. It was February and people were spending tax returns on tattoos, I don't remember the exact day but it was crazy busy. I got stuck with a family and tattooed until about 3am. They were generous, after all said and done I had $2000+ dollars. My wife had been waiting all night for me so in a spur of the moment decision we decided to go across the river to the casinos and spend money! I don't gamble, don't really drink and just never been interested in that stuff, but that night it sounded fun. As soon as we got out of the car at the first casino is when I noticed things were odd. The valet runs up to me and looks kinda confused why I'm in my car... like he even looked at my car and made a joke about "oh, this way you can probably just drive around". I was even more confused, I told him I would park my own car and did so. As we walked into the casino people were looking at me, like backing up and making room for me to walk by and nodding at me and just acting weird. My wife was like "WTF man? Why is everyone treating you like this?" At first I wrote it off to people just being nice and doing their jobs and whatnot. But it kept getting weirder... people kept staring at me and holding doors. My wife is asking me if I have some secret life or something?? It didn't register at the time, but one of the bartenders said "it's strange to see you here this time of day". It was like 4am, I thought it was small talk. For hours I gambled roulette and kept winning, I never played roulette in my life. All night/morning people kept staring at me, looking away when I locked eyes. I even like walked up to some dude that was looking at me and said "what's up?" And he was like " oh hey bro I just noticed you I'm sorry"...I was shocked, this guy was legit nervous to be talking to me. I'm not famous, or a gangster, or nothing. We thought maybe because I tattooed a lot of people, but I usually recognize clients and they always treat me like a friend. I saw this weird old slot machine that only gave away silver dollars, but it only took silver dollars. I was excited, so I went to find where I could get silver dollars to put in the machine and the cashier was like " wha?" I told her it was for the machine and she was adamant that there is no machine like that...I went back to find it and couldn't. It was gone... people started bumping into me and when I looked at them nobody cares anymore. I think I was the doppleganger, there were more little experiences but in a nutshell that's it. It seemed to end also when I noticed the daylight...I don't know...I've been thinking about it for a long time and it still bothers me. I don't look like anyone famous or infamous, I actually have a piercing through the bridge of my nose that makes me fairly unique and would be hard to get confused with someone else. Is this considered a glitch? Like I said there's more to it, I'm not sure if I'm the right place but I'll answer any questions I can. Thanks for your time.
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Cyberpunk Expansion Theory (SPOILERS FOR ALL ENDINGS)

After beating the game I became curious of where they would go with the expansions, all three of the main endings put V in very different locations and I wondered where they would go with future content (Assuming the DLC's are post-game and in new locations). This made me think that they could perhaps make 3 Expansions that mirror the beginning lifepaths and bring V to a new location post game.
Expansion 1 - Nomad/The Star Ending: This ending sees V, along with the Aldecaldos venture towards Arizona, as they flee from Arasaka and seek a cure for V's illness. I feel this is a perfect setup for a expansion set in Arizona revolving around the wasteland and Nomad Tribes.
Expansion 2 - Streetkid/The Sun Ending: In this ending you last see V, about to commit the heist of a lifetime, robbing the space casino known as The Crystal Palace. This space station is very large and would make an excellent setting for an expansion pack.
Expansion 3 - Corpo/The Devil Ending: This ending brings V to a Arasaka space station where he/she are given six months to live after the removal of the Biochip, V can then choose to either return to Night City or get turned to engram so his/her consciousness can potentially be uploaded into a new host body. If V chooses to return to Night City he/she will get a call from Hanako offering him/her a job with Arasaka. V taking this offer could turn into an excellent expansion where he/she works with Arasaka in a new location (Potentially Japan?)
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Casino Gambling in Arizona. Arizonian casinos, cruise ships, horsetracks and dogtracks – the complete gambling landscape of Arizona. Includes Arizona casino details, gambling news and tweets in Arizona, area maps, Arizonian entertainment, coupons offers. Online Casino Arizona list.

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Sean the Trainer

I'm doing my first ever complete watch of the show (I've seen about a year of the most recent episodes, but nothing before), and I'm about halfway through Season 6. Trainer Sean has been working with Janelle for a while now, and every time he's on screen, I get the very strong impression that that dude is smoking/snorting/injecting some crazy shit. I'm no hard-drugs connoisseur, but I feel like he sprinkles coke in his breakfast cereal. It's so obvious to me that I'm kind of surprised Janelle/the show are in no way perturbed by his mere presence.
In general, it's sort of mind boggling to see how (comparably) functional the family is at this point. They've just moved into their bespoke Vegas homes, they just got their hideous jewelry into a kitschy casino store... it's a little bit devastating to already know that they all end up in MLMs and whining about a pond in Arizona.
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[SPOILER] The Future of Cyberpunk 2077 (DLC)

Salutations all,
A friendly reminder that this post will be discussing the future of the game, and thus will go over not only the endings of the game, but a few side missions as well. So if you don't want spoiled on these things, turn back now. I'm not going to describe each ending or mission in great detail, with the expectation that you've either experienced or know of the endings, but also so as to avoid giving away as much information as possible to those who haven't played through them, so even if you know what happens, you can still enjoy the ride. Also, let it be said that this is supposed to lead to good discussion, and isn't supposed to be an end all, be all kind of post. I'd love to hear other's thoughts, especially if there's something I've missed or if new information comes to light :) That being said, let's get into it!
First off, I have personally played through The Star ending, and The Sun ending. However, I have watched most of the other endings, and have an understanding of what happens in each. When I finished the game and got those two endings, I very much got the impression that our (V's) story is not over yet. While they could certainly tie up loose threads and answer certain questions with a sequel, I think it's far more likely these things will happen in future DLC. Though there are lots of different variations and differences in the details of the endings, there are some simple points that are true for some of them, and can be broken down as such:
- V lives and keeps their body, but only has 6 months to live.
- V gives their body to Johnny, and Johnny leaves town.
- V dies, and Johnny along with him.
- V is made into an engram and awaits a suitable body to take as a host.
Some of these endings wrap up V's story, thus I think it unlikely that we will see them being continued in DLC. These are the outcomes where:
- V gives their body to Johnny
- V dies
-V is made into an engram
Obviously, the ending where V dies, be it by suicide or a blaze of glory, leaves no story to further via DLC. I don't see CDPR expanding the ending of Johnny taking V's body for multiple reasons, mainly that it would have to be a DLC exclusive to that ending, as it shares nothing in common with any of the other endings. V has become part of Alt, and there's likely no coming back. Plus, I don't see CDPR paying the price for hiring Keanu back for more work, just for a DLC option that many players wouldn't have chosen anyway. Likewise, though they could theoretically do something with the ending of V's engram being put into a suitable host, that shares nothing in common with any of the other endings, and the story of the DLC would be radically different than any other. Plus, the engram option seems bleak and ambiguous, whereas the option to leave and live out your remaining 6 months seems (somewhat) more hopeful.
With this in mind, I believe the story can and will be continued with the narrative of V attempting to find a cure with the 6 months that he has left to live. The endings where this occurs are The Sun and Star endings, along with "good" option to The Devil ending where you choose to live out your remaining 6 months. However, I think the DLC tying in the endings of The Sun and The Star are far more likely. With The Devil ending, we know absolutely nothing about V's remaining 6 months, and they even get a call from Hanako offering to work for Arasaka in their last 6 months. To me, this ending really does seem to be "living out" the rest of your life, rather than looking for a cure. It is still ambiguous enough that it could be worked in as an option for DLC, but I think it more likely that the Sun and Star endings will be the basis, for numerous reasons.
In the Star ending, V leaves Night City for Arizona with the Aldecados, specifically in an attempt to find a cure. There isn't even a hint of the idea of just living out your remaining 6 months with your family. It's pretty straightforward in this ending: Finding a cure is the sole purpose for the journey, and is stated multiple times. The Aldecados have connections in Arizona, and have lots of favors to call in to try and help V find a cure. Personally, I romanced Panam so there was additional dialogue about finding a cure so that V could live. but the main point for this ending is still the same if you don't romance Panam, or if you'd romance someone like Judy.
The idea of The Sun ending is less clear. The name of the final mission is "Path of Glory". V has almost made it to legendary status after breaking into Arasaka and Mikoshi. They've become the head of The Afterlife and have gained the respect of everyone around them. Most importantly, V is about to do the gig of a lifetime that will cement them as a true Night City legend. At first glance, it seems like this ending doesn't have anything to do with finding a cure, but instead is about V fulfilling their (and Jackie's) dream of becoming a true legend. However, upon closer inspection, that is not the case. Once again, I romanced Panam so my experience may be different than yours, but when she accused V of just wanting more glory, V corrected her and said that wasn't what it was about, but to show that everything the city took and gave wasn't for nothing. After telling Panam he wanted to hear her story, she said it was a long one, and his response was "I'll find time for it." I don't just take this as "I'll try and find time for it in my busy schedule" but that he's literally going on a search for more time. Adding to this is when V meets with the client, Mr. Blue Eyes, at The Afterlife. When the client brings up how people think V is "taking too big a risk. Poetically speaking, flying towards the sun to burn up." and V responds, the client brings up how he knows that V isn't just being confident, but that they're fighting for one last breath, and that he hired him because "you'd [V] do anything at all for even the faintest chance at survival." V is putting on a façade of doing the ultimate gig that is fitting for a true legend, so that they can show everyone they're the greatest of all time. But in reality, V is doing this at a chance for survival. We don't know how this mission could lead to it, but it's clear that that is the true purpose behind the mission, and the main idea behind this ending.
So here we have two endings that find V using the time they have left to search for a cure, and going great lengths to do so. In my opinion, both of these endings have the most work put into them, and require the player to finish certain side missions to make them available. They keep the door open for respective romances, and continue V's story. I am unsure if one will be a "true" ending, but there is one main thing that makes me think that The Sun ending is the one that will connect to the DLC that furthers this story. And that main thing is V's client, Mr. Blue Eyes.
This man is shrouded in mystery, and that has been done purposefully by CDPR. For one, we don't even have a name for this man. It's true that V might go by an alias (unless their name really is just "V"), but even so, "Mr. Blue Eyes" is one strange alias to go by, simply because he has blue eyes. We know almost nothing about him, except for that when V knocked out Arasaka, Blue Eyes' people managed to rush in and grab what they could. He's able to see through the façade that V is putting on and somehow knows that this is actually a last ditch attempt at survival. V tells him to make sure he holds up his end of the bargain (showing that a deal has been made, and it's likely not just for some eddies), to which he replies "Oh, I never forget a promise. Good luck," He is able to get V into space in quick time, in order to rob the casino at the Crystal Palace. So not only does he want a job of incredible magnitude done, but he's promising something as a reward, and he's promising it to a mercenary who he knows will do anything just at the chance of survival. So whatever his side of the bargain is, it's most likely not something insignificant.
Most intriguing of all though is that this isn't the first time that Mr. Blue Eyes can be found. At the end of the Peralez's mission,"Dream On", after discovering that they've been being brainwashed to the point of not knowing which memories of theirs are real or fake, V meets with Jefferson in the park. Before this, V is warned by whoever has been brainwashing the Peralezs that, "It doesn't matter what you tell him. It doesn't matter what you think of doing or do - you can't change anything. We know who you are. We know WHAT you are. We know what you want. You're playing with fire. Don't dare cross the line." After this, regardless what V says to Jefferson, if V looks up to a terrace overlooking the park, they'll see the man himself: Mr. Blue Eyes. Scanning him reveals that his affiliation is unknown, and that he is wanted for "classified". If V looks away, and then back at him, he disappears. If the player is able to maneuver and jump their way to him, he is unable to be killed in any way, and doesn't acknowledge you're there, showing that Mr. Blue Eyes was placed there on purpose, watching over the meeting, and nothing more. Along with this, at the end of the Garry the Prophet missions, it is revealed that "men with blue eyes" took Garry. This leads me to think that Mr. Blue Eyes is a part of something very big, especially if he has something to do with (or is the leader of, from what it sounds like) the group that has been pulling the strings behind the brainwashing of the Peralez's and the ones who are getting him to be mayor. This guy gives off some major Gaunter O' Dimm vibes from The Witcher 3, and I very much think he'll play a pivotal role in the story to come (I'm pretty sure he has something to do with NightCorp and what you learn about them from Sandra Dorsett's mission, but that's just me).
With a character like Mr. Blue Eyes being involved in The Sun ending, with everything he says, and the fact that V is flying through space to infiltrate the Crystal Palace, I think that this is where the DLC that continues V's story will take us. Now obviously none of that is found in The Star ending with the Aldecados, but that doesn't mean that ending doesn't have any significance. They could easily have an intro to the DLC where, if the player chose The Star ending, the Aldecado's somehow get brought into contact with Mr. Blue Eyes, or at least find out that the answer to a cure could have something to do with the Crystal Palace. I think the Crystal Palace will be the setting for a DLC no matter what, I just don't know exactly how they'll get us there from the Aldecado's ending, or if Mr. Blue Eyes will have anything to do with it (I can't imagine he wouldn't). Either way, it's definitely not impossible for CDPR to have V end up at the Crystal Palace for this heist mission, regardless if the player got The Sun, Star, or even the "good" Devil endings to the game.
Some people may be thinking that DLC will only be additions to the existing story, similar to the Hearts of Stone DLC from Witcher 3, rather than a continuation of the story that takes place after the main mission, like Witcher 3's Blood and Wine DLC. I understand why people might feel that way, but I just don't see it happening. For one, if they just wanted to end V's story, I think CDPR would have given us the option of a truly "happy" ending where V not only survives, but doesn't have a 6 month clock ticking to his death. Even if they didn't do that, I don't think they'd make the main mission of the Aldecado's ending to be finding a cure. Instead, it would simply be about enjoying the time V has left as part of a family. I think that The Sun ending would have simply been what V masquerades it to be, the final mission to cement himself as a true legend, a legend above all the others. Rather, they made a point to include a purposefully mysterious character as V's client, who called out V's real motives behind the gig, and promised some kind of reward for a job that has never been done before (said reward was also left quite ambiguous). Too many clues have been dropped for these to be endings that allow for certain kinds of roleplaying. While I can see how people would think CDPR doesn't plan on continuing V's story, especially given the differences between the endings, I think they've given themselves quite a bit to work with, and given fans quite a lot to pick up upon.
There are certain other loose ends that could be brought up as well, such as the research being done by NightCorp, the mysterious group behind the Peralez's brainwashing, or the fate of the Arasakas (Saburo Arasaka takes over Yorinobu's body via his engram in The Devil ending, Hanako is somehow killed in The Star ending, and we aren't told anything about them in The Sun ending). Loose threads don't always need to be tied up, however, and sometimes it's even better if they're not. So I'm not really counting on any of that to factor into DLC. However, I wouldn't be surprised if these things came up again.
All in all, these are my thoughts on the future of Cyberpunk 2077. I'm sure there are things I've missed, and hopefully more things will come to light as time goes on (I'd really like to know if Blue Eyes shows up in more than just that one mission). Please, share your thoughts! The one thing I know for certain is this: I just want my V to find a cure so he can make babies with Panam, try food with Takemura, and drink some Jackie Welles. Please, CDPR. Make my dreams a reality.
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Cyberpunk 2077: Game Enhancing Ideas

Hello and welcome to Cyberpunk: Game Enhancing Ideas!
(Includes Spoilers)
CDPR's newest release Cyberpunk 2077 is a breathtaking, immersive, and overall very enjoyable title. Although the game has received criticism recently for a barrage of performance issues throughout the game I have still managed to fall in love with all aspects of my current playthrough. Cyberpunk 2077 has been out for about a week now and I have already completed most map content, story and side missions, and acquired most of the collectables. I have invested well over 60 hours into the Cyberpunk universe on the PS4 and while exploring the vast stretches of the badlands all the way to chaos of Night City I have been taking down some ideas I'd love to see implemented in the future of Cyberpunk!

Disclaimer: I am aware of the current state of the game on last gen consoles and where CDPR is currently focusing their efforts as stated, so these are merely ideas for when new content is being released after the game is in a good state. Also these ideas will not be features that are currently broken in game or not working properly, they will be expansions off current game features and new features. If you have any opinions on the list below please feel free to comment, also what all would you like to see in Cyberpunk 2077? Let me know down below!
Cyberpunk 2077: Game Enhancing Ideas
1.) Expand on the Final Mission!
I enjoyed the story and side missions leading up to the final mission in a way that has brought me to enjoy Cyberpunk the way other great RPG's like Skyrim have done, these kind of titles are few in far between. The relationships you create along your journey through Night City with the NPC's really elevate the whole experience. Since I have completed the main story and side jobs I am now left exploring a world where the great relationships I have made do not seem to matter. Just the same three dialog options for the remaining NPC's. Ultimately I do think this would be a great starting point for future DLC content. For example the Space Casino Heist or Arizona with Panam and the Aldecadoes. The writing behind the NPC's in Cyberpunk is outstanding, it's a shame to see the NPC's resort back to normal civilians with boring dialogue.
2.) Tougher Enemies
Now I am aware you can scale the game up to the current highest difficulty of "Very Hard" which I am currently playing on and I am aware of the concept of "New Game Plus". However I do think that toward mid to end game the enemies you face in the open world do not pose much of a challenge. Even the Cyberpsyco encounters are water under the bridge. Seeing some new more dangerous enemy mechanics and more threatening encounters would really elevate the risk factor in a game like this! The current largest threats I've noticed are the mechs and the occasional miniboss that ultimately feel very weak and drop sub-par rewards.
3.) Events that Respawn/Alter the Map
This concept is for you endgame completionist folks out there like myself who do not enjoy seeing Night City and the Badlands turn soft. Having completed most of the current map of all gigs, NCPD encounters, assualts, cyberpyscos, etc. The map is beginning to feel dead in a way that makes me wish I'd have indulged at a slower rate. This also ties back to the previous point where all the encounters felt fairly easy and unmemorable. There are occasional great encounters/gigs but once completed they are gone for good. In response to this issue I think there should be more encounters on the map, encounters that respawn (maybe new enemies), or even abandon places we've completed turned into new nomad settlements or being used by NPC's for vendor purposes and such. Exploring the Badlands and roleplaying a sniper cowboy out there was really enjoyable for me but now there isn't much left to shoot out there! If you think this sounds crazy, trust me your map will be completed before you know it!
4.) Expanding on the Badlands!
The Badlands and deserted plains in Cyberpunk ended up being where I spent a good chunk of time. The encounters out there all seemed to be more unique and I approached them all with caution and curiosity. For example a group of trailers with minefields and turrets present, or a Wraith stronghold being heavily guarded. The Gigs in the Badlands were unmatched and my true favorite part of the free roam experience. However I noticed that this part of the game began to lose its glory very quickly as I began to complete all of the content out there. I purposely would walk between encounters with my tech sniper out to extend my time out there as opposed to taking a vehicle. To remedy this issue I would like to see CDPR expand on the badlands with more content, maybe refresh older content, add wildlife, or even expand the playable area. The Badland is badass! Please let me live out my long range fantasy with more content!
5.) Wildlife
Now I get it Cyberpunk 2077 is in the dystopian future and wildlife doesn't seem to have a place but I know raccoons, coyotes, and other simple scavenger life like that should be able to exist especially in the badlands region. This would be a small implementation that would be a great change of pace! If CDPR was feeling a bit experimental they could even add hostile wildlife like mountain lions, swarms or wasps/hornets, or even coyote packs! Think Red Dead Redemption
6.) Grappling Cyberware
This one is just self explanatory, it's 2077, Batman's been doing this for years. We can shoot rockets from our hands, mutilate people with Mantis Claws, or punch holes with Gorilla arms but we don't have grappling technology. How?!
7.) Cloaking Cyberware
Again it's 2077 and we do not have invisibility/cloaking cyberware!? You could even make it lesser invisibility by making the NPCs or playable characters show up blurry like in the movie Predator. This doesn't have to be true 100% invisibility but at least somewhat.
8.) Sniper Rifle Breath Holding
A staple in first person shooters, the ability to hold your breath to make a long range shot is necessary for long to mid range engagements. I feel like if anything on this list, this concept should be implemented sooner. The weapon sway of the sniper rifles is insane and taking the shots require me to be scoped in for almost a full minute before I land the hit. Cyberware could be added to expand on this to alter the duration of hold breath or the steadiness.
9.) Weapon, Armor, and Vehicle Customization
How could any list like this be complete without customization options. Customization options add so much to the players in game experience. Not only for the role playing aspect but in game functionality as well. Like that fancy sports car but cant take it off city streets? Don't worry spend those eddies on some off-road modifications. Found a really sweet legendary jacket but it is hot pink? Fine then dye it. Love your new LMG but it only holds 50 in the magazine? Upgrade to that 100 round clip you scavenged off a dead body. Customization options are really important additions to RPG's such as Cyberpunk and would be a great addition in the future if CDPR experimented with them.
10.) Silencers for More Weapons
Now if you couldn't already tell my playthrough was centered around a slow motion tech weapon gunslinger. But playing this build I have three tech weapons slotted so my ability to make stealthy kills goes out the window. It would be great if CDPR introduced mods for tech weaponry so they could be muted like the silencer on your favorite normal pistol. This is a small change but would really open up tons of new gameplay styles!
11.) Map details on Fast Travel Points!
I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've had to exit a fast travel menu so I can waypoint a gun shop or mission across the map. I would love the ability for the fast travel system to have the icons so I could travel without having the previously set a waypoint. Little quality of life addition here!
12.) More Off-road Vehicle Options!
What kind of dystopian future doesn't have nomads riding viciously on dirt bikes through the Badlands? I know one, Cyberpunk 2077. This game could definitely use an expansion to it's off-road options. Maybe start with a dirt bike or maybe a Quad. I shouldn't have to take my 100k eddy street bike out through the desert.
13.) Aerial/ Hovering Vehicle Options!
Now this is a bit of a stretch from the previous point, but do you remember piloting that Basilisk tank? Hovering above any and all obstacles in your way was amazing, but that experience dies after you complete the relative missions. Introduction some vehicles with such capabilities would fit in with the setting of Cyberpunk and definitely would be badass. As for piloting aerial vehicles like helicopters and AV's this is dependent on CDPR's perception of vertical gameplay and how far they would like players to reach.
14.) Weather Conditions
The dust storms in the main story missions were so cool and altered the way the player traversed through the world but like many things this excitement died as soon as those missions were over. Reintroducing the severe storms and other weather anomalies could add a very diverse and enjoyable aspect to free roam. Maybe something like acid rain could hurt the player and make it more beneficial to use the gas masks you find everywhere. Also darker nights outside the city would be cool. There ain't a thing but a busted street lamp surrounded by miles of desert on each side but the game is still illuminated like I'm on Jig Jig street.
15.) Night Vision, Night Vision Scopes, and FLIR.
Cyberpunk is 50+ years in the future but I cannot equip a thermal scope on my futuristic revolver to see an enemy behind a bush? This idea would play very well into the previous idea as well by making night vision capabilities more beneficial in low light environments.
16.) More Weapon Models and Unique Iconic Weapons!
The game has an impressive amount of weapons but aside from certain models they all perform fairly similarly and look similar as well. I currently use the tech revolver Comrades Hammer but this model actually shares the same exact model with another weapon of the same classification. In a game as massive as Cyberpunk I think more weapon models are due, also customization options could definitely help make weapons more unique here as well. Next we have the Iconic weapons. This concept is seen used in may RPG's in the form of exotics or Uniques but in Cyberpunk the Iconic weapons seem to function the exact same way as there base counterparts. This could be expanded on by adding more functionality to the weapons or even outstanding modifications to them like maybe you find an Iconic rifle that is covered in some sort of electric pulsating effect. Just try to make the Iconic gear feel more special. They have done this with the iconic smart pistol "Skippy" and that Iconic outshines most others! They could definitely do it again...
17.) Diverse Weapon Stats
For maximizing an endgame build after all else has been completed on the map I am often in search of materials to build the best versions of my gear possible. (More specifically the weapons because they are more unique). I recently saved up a ton of materials to make several copies of my favorite gun "Comrades Hammer" but I soon realized that even though the game shows stat brackets like for example: Crit Chance (81%-97%), there are not that many possibilities. Instead you might craft 10 of the same gun but there are only two or three different stat options. To expand on this I have noticed that on the weapons they say they have the option to craft stats that they cannot even be crafted in for example lightning damage might be a potential role but you only ever get thermal and physical. I think this aspect of the game has really great endgame potential for min/maxing your build but is limited by it's set amount of possible weapon/armor roles.
18.) Hidden Locations and Delves
Lastly I think Cyberpunk 2077 would benefit from the implementation of more hidden gem locations or random occurrences. Things like a smugglers tunnel with some great encounters throughout and maybe even better loot at the end. Or passage ways in the city that lead to a crime scene that you wouldn't normally stumble across. These spots shouldn't show up on the map but be a treat for players who are exploring the game without navigating around the map. I found myself often roaming around using my map to jump from encounter to encounter which took away a lot of joy from the game, it felt like the only enjoyable content was at the encounter and everything in between was just filler. Some unexpected encounters would spice things up a bit!

Well that's about all I've got at the moment but I am sure there is WAY more ideas that Cyberpunk could benefit from adding in the game. I understand the developers are at the moment looking into improving the current state of the game so these are just ideas for the future. Let me know what you all think down below, share some of your own ideas, maybe one of my ideas seems like trash let me know! Looking forward to any and all contributions! Would be great if this thread takes off and we can get some attention from Developers at CDPR! A man can only dream...

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Nearly 500 movies since March

Tldr: my wife saw almost 500 new movies this year.
Hello movies, it’s been a crazy year hasn’t it... Theaters are closed, production has (for the most part) ground to a halt and what was scheduled for release has moved to a streaming service or was delayed to next year or both. With the initial quarantine back in March starting I decided to take this unprecedented opportunity to give my wife the catch-up she desperately needed since she didn’t watch very many movies growing up.
A little backstory, she grew up in a home where many movies were forbidden for religious reasons and as a result just never became a cinephile. She saw many Disney movies and a few random others but missed a vast majority of cinemas best (and worst). On the flip side I grew up near a regular theater and a dollar theater and saw a ton of films as a kid and teen, I’d regularly go on weekends or skip school for a triple feature or catch the last showing of something every night of the week.
We’ve been together for almost 11 years now and she would go see anything and everything with me. All the Marvel movies, action comedies, sci fi, animation, whatever... but her movie knowledge is fairly contained within the last decade. So when I got laid off and she began working from home we decided to see how many new movies we could see during this Covid mess.
We defined “New” as anything we had both never seen or anything she had never seen and I hadn’t seen in 10+ years since we met. Since mid March we have managed to watch 500 movies and in the process learn a few things about her individual tastes and the kinds of movies we enjoy watching as a couple the most. I’m going to drop a list of everything we saw, after the list I’ll highlight a few hidden gems we both loved...
Dr No. - From Russia With Love - Thunderball - You Only Live Twice - Goldfinger - On Her Majesty’s Secret Service - Diamonds Are Forever Never Say Never Again - Live and Let Die - The Man With the Golden Gun - For Your Eyes Only - The Spy Who Loved Me - Moonraker - Octopussy - A View to a Kill - The living Daylights - License to Kill - Goldeneye - Tomorrow Never Dies - The World Is Not Enough - Die Another Day - Casino Royale - Quantum of Solace - Skyfall - Spectre - Enter the Dragon - Way of the Dragon - The Big Boss - Fist of Fury - Game of Death - Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth - Bruce Lee: The Legend - The Birds - Dora and the Lost City of Gold - The Brady Bunch Movie - A Very Brady Sequel - Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - Kingpin - Leave It To Beaver - Speed - Cuban Fury - Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) - Weird Science - Keeping Up With the Joneses - Blades of Glory - Zoolander - Semi-Pro - So I Married An Axe Murderer - Disaster Movie - Oceans 11 - Dude, Where’s My Car? - Undercover Brother - Superstar - Zombieland - Men In Black: International - Snatch - Earth Girls Are Easy - Mystery Team - Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - Rush Hour - Miss Congeniality - Pitch Perfect 3 - There’s Something About Mary - Gone in 60 Seconds - Young Frankenstein - 300 - Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse - Wayne’s World - Wayne’s World 2 - Rocketman - Beverly Hills Ninja - Murder on the Orient Express - Friday - 9 to 5 - Drunken Master - The Naked Gun - Baywatch - Forbidden Planet - Baseketball - Hot Shots - Hot Shots: Part Deux - Anchors Aweigh - Mamma Mia - Tommy Boy - Clue - Dumb and Dumber - Monty Python’s Meaning of Life - Monty Python’s Life of Brian - Rango - Sausage Party - Broken Lizard’s Club Dredd - Flintstones - A Knights Tale - Stuck on You - Coneheads - Land of the Lost - Police Academy - Police Academy 2: The First Mission - A Night At the Roxbury - Holmes and Watson - Anchorman - Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues - Talladega Nights: Ballad of Ricky Bobby - Osmosis Jones - Venom - Sherlock Gnomes - Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me - Austin Powers 3: Goldmember - Mystery Men - Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker - Escape From New York - Escape From LA - Napoleon Dynamite - Total Recall - Major Payne - Mars Attacks - Shaolin Soccer - Let’s Be Cops - The Great Outdoors - Smokey and the Bandit - Smokey and the Bandit - Kicking and Screaming - Kiss Me Kate - The Spy Who Dumped Me - The House - The Wiz - Shaolin vs Lama - Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Kung Fu Gold - Smokey and the Bandit Part 3 - Saturday Night Fever - 48 Hrs - Another 48 Hrs - Enter the Invincible Hero - Ip Man - Shaolin Drunk Fighter - The Great Wall - Smokin’ Aces - Down Periscope - The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear - Hero - The Towering Inferno - The Sitter - Isn’t It Romantic - Jackie Chan’s First Strike - The Dead Don’t Die - Shallow Hal - Kiss of the Dragon - Rapid Fire - The Invincible Armour - Innerspace - Date Movie - The Lost World (1960) - It Came From Outer Space (1953) - The Body Snatcher (1954) - Time Bandits - Bad Times at the El Royale - The Shadow - A Fantastic Fear of Everything - The Ladykillers - Flash Gordon - Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult - Robin Hood (2018) - Enemy of the State - Kill Bill Vol 1 - Kill Bill Vol 2 - Some Like It Hot - She’s Working Her Way Through College - Stir Crazy - Zombieland: Double Tap - Mystery House - Jet Li’s Fearless - Desperado - Ed TV - Ready Player One - Shaolin Kung Fu Mystagogue - Back to the Future - Back to the Future II - Back to the Future III - Tango & Cash - The Burbs - Sherlock Holmes: Terror by Night - Casablanca - Circle of Iron - Beavis and Butt-Head Do America - Missing in Action - Missing in Action 2: The Beginning - National Treasure - Shaolin Fighters Vs Ninja - Fast Times at Ridgemont High - The Running Man - Little Cigars - Legion of Iron - Green Dragon Inn - The Warriors - High Anxiety - Joe Versus the Volcano - Chinese Hercules - Predator - Predator 2 - Coming To America - Legend - Five Kung Fu Daredevil Heroes - Pretty In Pink - Timecop - The Castle of Fu Manchu - Gator - The Mystery of Mr Wong - Robocop - Double Teamed - The Forbidden Kingdom - Sharknado - Sharknado 2: The Second One - Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! - Meatballs - Young Guns - The Addams Family (2019) - I Come In Peace - Masters of the Universe - Conan the Barbarian - Demolition Man - Sudden Death - The Heat - I’m Gonna Git You Sucka - Mortal Kombat - Unleashed - Curse of the Swamp Creature - The Cabinet of Dr Caligari - Messages from Space - John Carpenter’s The Thing - Stroker Ace - Dragnet - Of Cooks and Kung Fu - To Be Or Not To Be - Silver Streak - The Hustle - Sixteen Candles - Young Tiger - The Spy Next Door - Half Baked - Funny Girl - Phase IV - Point Break - Tank Girl - Universal Soldier - Conan the Destroyer - Lethal Weapon - Gojira - The Deadly Silver Spear - Car Wash - Hard Target - Big Trouble in Little China - Blade - Looper - Five Fingers of Steel - Clash of the Titans (1981) - Blade II: Bloodhunt - Showdown in Little Tokyo - Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons - Enter the Fat Dragon - UHF - The Falcon in Danger - Roadhouse - The Falcon Strikes Back - The Falcon and the Co-Eds - The Falcon Out West - Jumanji: The Next Level - Cyborg - Masterminds -?The Falcon in Mexico - The Falcon in Hollywood - The Falcon in San Francisco - Blade: Trinity - The Falcon’s Alibi - The Falcon’s Adventure - Dick Tracy, Detective - The Ape - Big - What We Do In The Shadows - The Departed - Gemini Man - Crippled Avengers - Camp Takota - Dick Tracy vs Cueball - Brightburn - Kickboxer - The Five Venoms - The Weird Man - Hellbound - Assassins Creed - The Flag of Iron - Trolls: World Tour - Masked Avengers - Dick Tracy’s Dilemma - Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome - Upgrade - The Cabin in the Woods - True Lies - The Maltese Falcon - Last Action Hero - Espionage in Tangiers - The Man From U.N.C.L.E - Saving Silverman - Dead End - Breakfast at Tiffany’s - Showtime - The Dark Tower - Tomb Raider - Five Elements Ninjas - Cherry 2000 - Johnny Cool - Freaks - Phantom Raiders - Wonder Park - Running Scared - The Bad News Bears - Cat People - The Happytime Murders - Double Impact - Murder, My Sweet - Tammy and the T-Rex - The House With a Clock in Its Walls - War - Street Fighter - Ex Machina - Attack The Block - The Avenging Eagle - Jexi - Ghost - Bad Girls From Mars - Cook Off! - Alita: Battle Angel - The Blob - Invasion U.S.A. - Journey Into Fear - Sharknado: The Fourth Awakens - Barb Wire - Cloverfield - Searching - Death Warrant - Invasion of the Body Snatchers (‘78) - Critical Condition - Stan & Ollie - Mystery in Mexico - Slaughterhouse Rulez - The Adventures of Prince Achmed - The Crawling Eye - Beyond a Reasonable Doubt - Chinatown - The Fly - Stagecoach - The Replacement Killers - Ishtar - The Jesus Rolls - The Getaway - Sky Murder - Action Jackson - Snake Eyes - Sharknado 5: Global Swarming - The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time - G.I. Joe: The Movie - Bad Boys - Bad Boys II - Bad Boys For Life - Movie Struck - Bohemian Rhapsody - Spies in Disguise - Blacula - Zis Boom Bah - Rock ‘n’ Roll High School - Hong Kong Confidential - Judge Dredd - Dick Tracy (1990) - The Cool and The Crazy - Die Hard - Queen of Outer Space - In Bruges - Armored Car Robbery - Fargo - Not So Dumb - Old Dracula - Creature From the Black Lagoon - The Invisible Man - The Green Slime - Don’t Breathe - Tenet - Vampyr - The Haunting - Scream Blacula Scream - The Monster Squad - The Cat and the Canary - Halloweentown - Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge - Scoob - The Mummy (1959) - A Quiet Place - The Haunted Mansion - Halloweentown High - Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire - Plan 9 From Outer Space - Trick ‘r’ Treat - Lemora: The Lady Dracula - Under Wraps - The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) - The Mad Monster (1942) - Carnival of Souls - Happy Death Day - The Craft - Scream - Rear Window - Yongary, Monster From the Deep - Snakes On A Plane - Cosmic Monsters - The Comedy of Terrors - Killers From Space - Friday the 13th - House on Haunted Hill - The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension - Roald Dahl’s The Witches - The Lost Boys - Attack of the Puppet People - Ready or Not - Return to Halloweentown - Mr. Boogedy - Early Man - Howard the Duck - Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine - Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot - Good Boys - Sky High - We Bare Bears the Movie - Raising Arizona - Book Club - Ferdinand - Police Story - The Wolf of Wall Street - Casino Royale (‘67) - CB4 - Xanadu - Johnny Mnemonic - Slumber Party Massacre - Regular Show: The Movie - Our Man Flint - Psycho - Saturday the 14th - Journey to the Center of Time - Playing With Fire - Stuber - In Like Flint - Bill & Ted Face the Music - The Birdcage - The Big Sleep - Sonic the Hedgehog - Life Stinks - Dr Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs - Happy Death Day 2 U - Freejack - The Brain that Wouldn’t Die - Collision Course - Almost Heroes - The Trouble With Spies - North By Northwest - Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn - The Man Who Knew Too Much - Jingle All the Way - Mexican Spitfire - The 6th Day - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang - Deck the Halls - Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town - The Leprechauns’ Christmas Gold - The Iron Giant - Elf - It Happened on 5th Avenue - Jack Frost - The First Christmas: The Story of the First Christmas Snow - The Year Without a Santa Claus - Pinocchio’s Christmas - Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer - The Shop Around The Corner - Snow Day - Frozen 2 - Scrooged - The Polar Express - Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July - Rise of the Guardians - Trapped in Paradise - Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas - Jack Frost (‘98) - Christmas with the Kranks - Nestor, The Long Eared Christmas Donkey - Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians - Wonder Woman 1984 - The Wizard - Small Foot - Mom and Dad Save the World
I’ve noticed that my wife seems to prefer old movies to new ones (overall). Some Like It Hot became an instant favorite for her... She also loved seeing things like Freaks or the Hitchcock films that get referenced a lot. She’s like Captain America pointing out all the references she gets now. We also found out she loves James Bond (mostly older ones), she doesn’t hate Will Farrell as much as she thought (or at all really), she loves bad/old/obscure movies, scary movies aren’t as scary as she thought they’d be, and that she’s basically Jennifer Anniston’s character from Office Space with her crazy love for old Kung Fu.
As far as random recommendations my wife wanted to shout out all the Falcon films, Our Man Flint and In Like Flint, and Tammy & The T-Rex. I wanted to shout out The Forbidden Kingdom, Dr Goldfoot and The Bikini Girls & Dr Goldfoot and The Girl Bombs, and Old Dracula. If anybody wants to just talk movies I always welcome
I can’t wait to expand her movie history in this coming year, there’s always plenty of bad obscure movies but now that she is into it it’s time to bring out the heavy hitters. Godfather, Jaws, Alien, Citizen Cane, Clockwork Orange, 2001 A Space Odyssey and more are still in the pipeline... If you’re still with me here I want to sincerely thank you for reading about our journey this year. I love you movies, and I hope y’all have a wonderfully cinematic 2021.
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Ana Chapter 9

As they turned 16 years old, the cousins heard much from and about a new upstart in competition named Monty whose last name was Montalvo and from whom many foul rumors concerning the cousins had originated. Ana and her antics had alienated enough of their customer base that they sided with Monty and laughed as they shared the insulting falsehoods to each other about Juan and Ana.
Some said that Ana was, in fact, not attracted to men at all and was, indeed, a closet lesbian. This was, according to Monty and those who spread his gossip, the reason that she could never be found with any boy other than her cousin and why she had been so effective selling cocaine, for even her connection, according to the rumors, was a manly, shorthaired Mexican woman who worked for the cartels and from whom Ana enjoyed great favor as the stud woman’s much younger and beautiful lover.
There was hearsay, also from Monty, that contradicted this. It implied that the cousins’ relationship was more than familial. Versions of this varied depending on who told it. Some said that secretly they’d attempted to get married and made no mention of a child. Others never said anything about a marriage but proclaimed that when Juan and Ana were still 13 years old, they’d had a child together. And this child was taken from them by the state being the result of their incestuous love affair. Still, some versions of the bruit said that the child was never taken by the state at all. They said it was born a mangled mess of twisted limbs and a misshaped head, a result of the inbreeding, and had died the very night it was born. Some whispered that the infant’s remains were buried by Juan and Ana in the forest around Valle Escondido.
For Ana, the must grotesque and insufferable of all the lies coming from their competitor said that she only wore skirts to hide the fact that she’d been born with male genitalia. It was purported that she’d been born a hermaphrodite. And as if such vulgar conjecture weren’t horrible enough, there were multiple standing bets among Monty’s minions which speculated not only about the existence of such testicles, but their size and shape and even the odor they emanated.
Many of the cousins’ customers and cohorts knew better. For Taos is small, and there is no way that such things could be hidden among the native-born, but this Monty had only moved to town from Colorado Springs the summer before. His brother was a police officer named Jose Montalvo, and a week after Juan and Ana had someone call Monty to meet by the Old Blinking Light and the cousins shot up his car in the darkness, Officer J. Montalvo pulled the cousins over. They were at the northside Allsup’s getting some chimichangas. Juan’s orange soda had just exploded as he opened it when the red and blue lights flashed behind them.
They pulled over in the Kit Carson Trailer Park. It was lucky for them that they were not out doing business, so nothing could be found, no gun, no drugs, nothing. Monty’s older brother made it clear who he was and why he had stopped them.
“Next time, I’ll call the dogs. And next time, you’ll be in possession. My brother says hello.” He said, flashing his light in their eyes and laughing and leaving back to his car.
On a Sunday at 1 a.m. and the Monday night following at 11:52, gun shots blasted from the dirt driveway up to Cherry’s trailer. A bullet shattered Ana’s window and thudded in the wall above her head. Another put a hole in her bedroom door. Other of the projectiles deflated the tires of their trusty Pontiac and shattered its windows and busted the radiator.
Cherry kicked them out. They purchased another vehicle—a wood-paneled van—and holed up at a bed and breakfast owned by a white hippy lady in Sipapu. From their room, Ana made plans to thwart the territorial advances of Monty and the help he was getting from his brother. It was told her that Jose Montalvo drove a yellow Datsun and rented an apartment behind the northside Guadalajara Grille, so she prepackaged a sandwich bag full of smaller bagged increments of the powder and visited the Datsun under cover of a frozen night and stuffed the bags of drugs into the small, shelved space under the driver seat. After that, she and Juan drove to Santa Fe, where they found and rented a trailer on Cerrillos in an immigrant trailer park.
They would start anew in Santa Fe, and after a week of being there, Ana called her old relative—the detective Gilbert Sandoval—and told him over the payphone receiver that she was the worried older sister of a young boy who’d been caught up in the world of drugs. She said she knew that her little brother’s supplier sold cocaine and kept a cache of drugs hidden under the front seat of his yellow Datsun which he kept parked in front of a small, squatty apartment behind the northside Guadalajara Grille. Old Gilbert spoke sincerely saying that he would do his best to find out what was going on, and in another week, Ana and Juan heard from one of their old customers that drug dogs had been walked behind the vehicle and signaled and a warranted was executed on the vehicle. The news even showed up in the Santa Fe paper. It said the investigation was ongoing and other parties were expected to be involved in a drug ring.
As that January ended, Juan and Ana became desperate. Sales were way down, and except for a few faithful customers with whom they corresponded over their newly purchased Nokia cellphone and met in Pojoaque and at the Camel Rock Casino. Sometimes, Juan goaded Ana to suck it up and ask Michael or Antonia for help up in Chimayo, but she always responded the same.
“Juan, this only works the way it does, because it is this way. We can’t go sit on top of him and Antonia’s man’s business in Española, que no?”
“Yeah. You’re right. You’re right,” Juan responded, but both of them could not ignore the depleted income and struggle to feel good about their time in Santa Fe.
“We’ll get back to Taos, eventually. I promise. We just have to wait till things blow over, until our boy is arrested and put away. Then, we’ll return to get our glory, cousin. I promise.”
And so, they sat outside of bars in their van and solicited the young white and well-to-do artsy types downtown, standing in the snow and smoking cigarettes and pot in their leather shoes. Some of the men had twirly mustaches, and some of the women wore rings in their noses and had hair in their armpits. They reeked of patchouli and burnt sage.
Others, though, were richer and lived on their daddy’s money or trust funds. They were dropouts from universities in places like Tempe, Arizona or Boulder, Colorado. And it wasn’t long before a tall, black-haired girl with big blue eyes and an even bigger nose parked her car outside of their trailer and slept in Juan’s bed and lay around lazily all day. Sometimes, Tiffy—as she called herself and short for Tiffany—helped them sell their product, and other times, she used the money her father sent her to buy it herself. Other times, she earned her stash of cocaine from Juan with her strange white flesh. But still, times were hard. Sales were down.
A connection they’d made through Tiffy had connected them to another buyer who went by the name Scratch or Scratchy. He was reliably in need of an ounce or more toward the end of every work week when he came up from Albuquerque. In many ways, this guy seemed a godsend, but as they met him more and more, Ana became leery of him. She’d had a nightmare about him, and in her own mind, she silently called him ‘The Worm.’ There was something about him that scared her, though she couldn’t place it.
He had creases in his face and was short with wild looking eyes and strong teeth and hands. They met him at night in the snow on the side of the road in Bernalillo or in the afternoon in Dollar Store parking lots. He only talked to Juan, but long after they’d left him, his looks and stares would stay with Ana who kept her hand on a pistol in the front seat at every deal they did. On a few occasions, Juan relayed messages back to Ana from the man about how pretty she looked and that if she was ever hungry for an expensive dinner, he’d be happy to take her out.
One day, Juan jumped back into the front seat of their van, and Ana asked,
“Got the cash or what?”
“Got the feria right here, cousin!”
And shook her head and pulled her lip back in disgusted uncertainty, watching Scratch’s taillights pulling out of the parking lot and driving off into the sunset.
“What, Ana? Ain’t this cherry?”
“It’s cherry… but…”
“But what?”
“But… I don’t know about this guy.”
“Don’t know about him?”
“Yeah, Juan. Why’s he so splotchy? Huh? Why’s he look so crazy?”
“He’s a whiteboy, Ana. C’mon. You know that.”
“I see a lot of whiteboys. None of them look like him. He looks like a worm to me.”
“A la verga!” Juan drew the words out in exaggeration.
“You like the money or what?”
“Doesn’t matter if I like it. We need it.”
“What did he say?”
“What did he say? Oh cousin, I see what’s going on here.”
“You want to know what he said? A la verga! You’re a funny one, cousin.”
“Okay. So, he didn’t say anything.”
“Well, if you hate him so much, then what you wanna know what he says for?”
Ana shrugged, understanding that she was showing Juan a hand she didn’t know she held. Juan went on,
“He asked what kind of gun you were holding onto and said for you not to shoot him.”
Ana laughed loudly and asked,
“Well, what did you say?”
“I told him it was just a nine.”
“Funny,” she said and touched her lips for a moment. She looked through the window as they drove north to Santa Fe.
“Yeah, Ana. Better get a grip on yourself.”
“Pshh… whatever.” But what she had just revealed to Juan was also just revealed to her at that same moment. Ana didn’t know what her feelings were until Juan saw it. Then, she knew. Then, she understood what she was experiencing, and now, as they drove, she pressed her toes through her shoes and into the floorboard. Her knees bounced. Her cheeks pulled the corners of her mouth up into a smile that she couldn’t help, and in spite of all her giddiness, she said what she still thought, “Yeah, Juan. But I still think he’s gross. I still think he’s a worm.”
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Las Vegas casinos are going to be in trouble - Nevada just doubled their previous record of virus cases

Please see my edit at the bottom of this post!
"Nevada disclosed 1,099 new cases, double its previous high."
At the height of the pandemic for New York, in the second half of March, they were averaging about 9k cases a day. New York has a population of 19.4M people, meaning roughly 1 new case every day for every 2,160 people in New York in March. Nevada, with 3M people, set a record for themselves of 1 new case for every 2,700 people. And the numbers in Nevada are increasing fast. Nevada could pass New York's worst day in per capita terms in a week.
I just can't see the casinos there remaining open, and even if they do stay open, no one will want to visit from out of state.
EDIT: Turns out the overly big jump on June 26 was due to data from lab reports dated 23 and 24 June being included in the 26 June total. However, the brand-new numbers reported for today, June 27th are likely a new record even though weekends are usually lower numbers.
"After a review of the case data, it was determined the increase in reports was due to a delay in laboratory reporting. More than 240 of the cases reported were from laboratory reports dated June 23, and more than 380 were from reports dated June 24."
Original data from: https://nvhealthresponse.nv.gov/
19-Jun : 445 20-Jun : 274 21-Jun : 330 22-Jun : 462 23-Jun : 355 24-Jun : 507 25-Jun : 381 26-Jun : 1099 27-Jun : 821 
I manually adjusted the data, assuming a 1-day offset between lab report date and the date the info is reported by the state (moving 240 and 380 cases from June 26th to the 24th and 25th, respectively):
19-Jun : 445 20-Jun : 274 21-Jun : 330 22-Jun : 462 23-Jun : 355 24-Jun : 747 25-Jun : 761 26-Jun : 479 27-Jun : 821 
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Casino Arizona - YouTube

Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Las Vegas casinos on the world famous strip have been shut down for the better part of two months as authorities grapple with the spread COVID-19 but casinos... FOX 10's Cory McCloskey checks out the Casino Arizona CAZ Sports Bar ahead of tonight's national championship game viewing party! Some Arizona casinos will be ready to reopen this Friday with extra safety guidelines in place. In this video we review some of the top casinos around Phoenix Arizona and even across the state. These top casinos include Talking Stick Resort, Wild Horse ... Casino Arizona Recommended for you. 2:20. Robertson, Phillips, and the History of the Screwdriver - Duration: 16:25. The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered Recommended for you. 16:25 ... SUBSCRIBE: http://Subscribe.BCSlots.com NEWSLETTER: http://Newsletter.BCSlots.comI promote educational and responsibly fun gambling as I travel the globe ... Casino Arizona is the Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona area's favorite gaming and entertainment destination. Whether you're stopping by for your favorite casino game or watching the latest sporting ... Casino Arizona - Profiling many different job types - Duration: 1:12. Hire Story 4,706 views. 1:12. The King's Celebrity Poker Challenge on ClubWPT World Poker Tour 208 watching. Live now ...