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Casino Royale (2006) is a remake of the 1967 classic under the same name. In the modern version, 007 becomes a hero, a womanizer, and an all-star gambler in a movie that shows the Bond we love. To have a bit more fun with it, try our James Bond themed drinking game, celebrating his best and worst moments. While we like to play with beer, feel free to go ultra-Bond mode with a martini. Shaken 5) Casino Royale Drinking Game – James Bond Universe. The Bond film Casino Royale re-imagined the classic secret agent character, crafting a grittier, darker super-spy, with fewer gadgets, more brawn, and a life filled with the same amount of drinks and casino gambling. The Casino Royale drinking game re-imagines the way we do movie drinking The Movie Casino Royale Drinking Game. Take a drink: Poker is shown or mentioned. Take a drink: A titlecard appears. Take a drink: Anyone is physically injured or killed. Take a drink: The phone is used. Take a drink: Anyone says "Bond" Take a drink: Anyone kisses or has sex. Take a drink: Anytime James Bond does his movie star, pouty/intense face. Add a rule! x. Product from Amazon, Publisher Before playing the shots drinking game, it is important to check its rules to avoid troubles in the end. You can check the the rules of roulette slot from Betcoin casino. Rules of the shot glasses drinking roulette. Shot roulette can only be played with adults. This means you have to be 18+ in the UK and the rest of the countries and 21+ in the The Movie Casino Drinking Game. Take a drink: Ace's gaming license (or lack thereof) is mentioned. Take a drink: The slots manager gets dissed . Take a drink: Ace's skill as a sports handicapper is mentioned. Take a drink: Nicky beats up, kills or threatens someone. Take a drink: Ace changes his job description. Take a drink: Ginger talks about money or jewelry. Take a drink: Ginger is And, if you’re looking for more movie drinking games, check out our rules for Casino Royale. Please drink responsibly and don’t allow this movie drinking game to make you feel sick or ill. If you’re getting too drunk, stop playing. Image credits: Warner Bros. Casino Royale Drinking Game Short about the movie. After being granted a license to kill, British service agent James Bond (Daniel Craig) goes to Madagascar, revealing a link to Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen), a man who finances terrorist organizations. He learns that Le Chiffre plans to raise money in a high-stakes poker game, MI6 sends Bond off Watching an amazing (or amazingly terrible) movie with friends is a fun pastime in and of itself, but add in a drinking game to the mix, and you've got yourself a hilarious pop culture party in

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